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Nine classes in NYC that could help you get a promotion

Ready to snag that corner office? Sign up for these classes in NYC that could help you get a promotion.
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Annalise Mantz

Looking for a way to give your career a boost other than getting an MBA? Start with skills-based classes in NYC that might just help you get a promotion. Whether you sign up for coding workshops or language classes in NYC, you’ll learn valuable new skills that could translate into a title bump or pay raise. It’s not totally business-focused, either: Desk jockeys might be surprised to learn that acting classes in NYC can improve your public speaking skills more than any other course. Pretty soon, you’ll be celebrating your new promotion with dinner at one of the best restaurants in NYC.

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Classes in NYC that could help you get a promotion

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Forget the MBA and CPA: The in-demand acronyms these days are HTML and CSS. Even if you don’t work in the tech industry, digital literacy is becoming increasingly important to employers. Learn the basic principles of web development in this four-hour course at General Assembly. You’ll be able to talk Javascript and jQuery with your office’s tech team in no time. $140

Everyone from administrative assistants to C-suite executives relies on public speaking skills in their careers. The best way to get comfortable speaking in front of others? Signing up for a beginners’ improv class. After all, the basic principle of improv—responding to every question with “yes, and”—applies in almost any professional setting, too. Once you feel comfortable doing a scene with classmates you just met the hour before, presenting during a board meeting will seem like no big deal. $40

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  • Kips Bay

Whether you oversee a team of 15 or just yourself, solid time management, planning, analysis and scheduling skills are a must. Brush up on all the organizational techniques you need to succeed in an introductory project management class at Baruch College. After five sessions, you’ll know how to whip up a project plan or deliver a concise update at the drop of a hat. $614

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With both group classes and private lessons in 20 different languages, ABC Languages has something for everyone. Sign up for lessons in Arabic, Mandarin, French, Spanish or any other language to gain a new skill to add to your resume. This school’s roster of clients includes the College Board and the FBI, so you know they have to be pretty good. $45–$275

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“The only words I write are emails.” “Who cares if I use correct punctuation?” “But I’m an engineer!” Even so, proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure still matter. Find out how to craft beautifully simple emails and polish complex documents in a business writing class at Gotham Writers’ Workshop. Trust us: It makes a world of difference. $350

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  • Clinton Hill

Known as one of the best art and design schools in the country, the Pratt Institute is an ideal venue for fledgling designers to practice their craft. Whether you’re ready to change careers or just looking to kick your side hustle into high gear, the 12-session graphic design class will teach you all the fundamentals you need to know. Assignments like logo design, posters and magazine layouts stem from real-life experience, so you’re prepared for anything your clients throw at you. $975


Much as you might scoff at someone who lists Microsoft Word as a skill on their resume, mastery of Excel really is something to brag about. The complex formulas, PivotTables, charts and reports in the program can seem impossible to learn on your own. Thankfully, the instructors at the Technical Institute of America will break all the specifics down for you over the course of this 8-hour class. $149

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