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The best places to take language classes in NYC

Pick up Spanish, French or another foreign language at one of the nine best places to take language classes in New York City

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Parlez-vous français? Hablas español? Parla italiano? The answer could soon be a confident oui or , once you start taking language classes at one of these schools. While you’re on a self-improvement kick, why not flex your creative muscles in one of the best cooking classes or best photography classes in NYC? There are plenty of budget-friendly options, too—try any of these fitness classes under $30 to work up a sweat.

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Where to take foreign language classes in NYC

ABC Languages

This language school really does have something for everyone. First, choose which of the 20 languages you’d like to study—instructors teach everything from Arabic to Polish. Then, you can opt for short workshops, group classes or private instruction. Since ABC Languages’ past clients include the FBI, the College Board and Uma Thurman (they’re responsible for her flawless Japanese dialogue in Kill Bill), you know these classes have got to be pretty good.

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Fluent City

Fluent City

Though Fluent City now has offshoots in Boston, D.C. and Philadelphia, it started as a conversational French workshop in a tiny Brooklyn apartment. This school promises to get you speaking another language faster than any other program, and thanks to its experience-based, conversational approach, it’s perfect for students who aren’t big fans of book learning. Whether you choose Hebrew, Portuguese or one of the other eight languages offered, you’ll have an intimate learning experience—all classes are capped at 10 people.

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Idlewild Books

As its name suggests, Idlewild Books started as an independent travel bookstore, and its West Village location still does a booming business. Idlewild quickly expanded to include language classes, and would-be globetrotters can now take classes in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or German at Idlewild’s Brooklyn classroom. Once you’ve got the basics down, the instructors would be glad to help you find a book that tickles your fancy, too.

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Boerum Hill

Coucou Brooklyn

You’ll learn more than just the conjugations of etre and avoir in the French classes at Coucou Brooklyn. This language center focuses on cultural education, so you’ll also learn about the Parisian bar scene and the 35-hour work week while working on your sentence structure. Keep the learning going after class by checking out a French film or magazine from Coucou’s extensive library.

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Collina Italiana

Lovers of fine wines, fresh pasta and la dolce vita will want to check out the classes at Collina Italiana, the Upper East Side’s Italian language and cultural center. Morning sessions will begin with a cappuccino, while students in the afternoon and evening classes can indulge in a glass of prosecco. Whether you enroll in the more intensive, 15-week program or the four-week “survival kit” designed to prepare you for a trip to Italy, you’ll certainly come out of the program with the ability to say more than just grazie.  

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Upper East Side

Sign Language Center

Some estimates suggest at least 500,000 people in the United States use American Sign Language—other sources say that figure is actually closer to 2 million. Either way, ASL is one of the most widely used languages in the country. You’ll pick up signing quickly during a six-week beginner session at the Sign Language Center, plus learn more about the deaf community while you’re at it.

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French Institute Alliance Française

Part language school, part arts alliance, the French Institute Alliance Française offers everything from French immersion classes to gourmet baking lessons. The real gem is the 11-week French in the City course. The curriculum combines traditional teaching methods with field trips to Parisian restaurants, galleries featuring French artists and other cultural sites around New York. Since all 60 instructors are native French speakers, you’ll get a quality education no matter which class you choose.

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Upper East Side

Rennert International

Rennert has some serious longevity—this New York school has been offering group classes and private lessons in more than 40 languages since it opened in 1973. Where else could you learn Hungarian or Tagalog in the city? The program also offers the option to supplement the regular small group sessions with an optional conversational club to help get you one step closer to fluency.

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Midtown East

Irish Arts Center

Since New York has the highest population of Irish-Americans in the nation, it only makes sense that the city would also have its own Irish Arts Center. Reconnect with your roots in the Emerald Isle (or just channel Saoirse Ronan’s character in Brooklyn) in a Gaelic language class. Take your pick of an introductory class or a tea and conversation meeting for a bit of the craic (that’s Gaelic for witty chat).

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Hell's Kitchen

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By: Howard Halle