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The best classes to take in NYC

Find great classes in NYC—from language lessons to computer courses and photography classes—available year-round

Photograph: Courtesy Uplift Studios
Uplift Studios

Ready to get schooled? New York City offers classes in every topic that you can think of—and a few you can't. Fitness fanatics can get their fix with our guide to fitness classes, while arty types can check out the best arts and crafts stores and learn how to create masterpieces. For the adventurous student (that's you!) we've uncovered the best out-of-the-box classes in NYC ranging from sexy and fun dance classes for adults to the seemingly unforgotten parkour trend. Whether you've always wanted to learn how to use a lightsaber or you're an aspiring reality-TV star, we have the course for you. Read on and discover a new hidden skill!

Best classes in NYC

Banana Skirt Productions

There's something for everyone who wants to "Run the World" or get "Drunk in Love" at Banana Skirt Productions, where you can break a sweat while learning some of your favorite moves from popular music videos—like Beyoncé in “7/11,” Jessie J in “Bang Bang” and even ’N Sync in “Bye Bye Bye.” For $25 to $30, you get an hour of heart-pumping dance and learn a routine you can take with you to the club (or your bedroom mirror). You can sign up for Ratchet ZooBa, where you’ll be twerking in a dark room with neon lights, or Drop It Low, an African dance fusion class with reggae music. 

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Thu Mar 26–Fri Apr 3


Classes and courses aren’t just for nerds—New York sex-store mainstay Babeland (babeland.com; free-$30) offers funny, entertaining and super informative workshops on such topics as “Beyond the Blow Job” and “The Art of Great Sex,” and you can choose from one of three locations.

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Lightsaber Fighting

Lightsaber Fighting

New York Jedi founder Flynn Michael and his fellow instructors, who have backgrounds in martial arts and film-fight choreography, impart the ways of the Force at two-hour electro-sword classes every Thursday night at 7pm at Central Park (newyorkjedi.com; free). Flynn's “tribe of storytellers and dreamers” (read: students) can participate in an annual battle as part of the Village Halloween Parade. Grown-ups playing with illuminated toys in the name of honor? Rad.

Beginner Fire Fan series with Tara McManus

Master the art of fire dancing at this series, in which you learn how to safely twirl, spin and move while handling metal-and-wick fans in hypnotizing dances, or “spin jams.” In the final class, you get to light your fans on fire and feel like the Khaleesi.

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Mon Jul 18 - Mon Jul 25

Aerial Trapeze

Glide through the air with the greatest of ease while saddled into an aerial trapeze. Hey, that rhymes! The instructors at Trapeze School New York (212-242-8769, newyork.trapezeschool.com; $50-70, depending on day of the week) will not only equip you with the skills to do death-defying stunts, but they’ll do it in novel outdoor locales like South Street Seaport and Pier 40 off the West Side Highway. Daily trapeze sessions are available for all four skill levels—but note that you must have taken three intro courses and been signed off by a teacher before moving on to a more advanced class where you can learn cool moves like how to flip mid-air.

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Ninja Warrior Training

Learn to run up a curved wall, leap off of diagonal blocks and even pull yourself up a vertical salmon ladder at this epic fantasy-fulfilling course that trains you for the TV show American Ninja Warrior. Look out for surprise appearances by ANW alumni at some classes.

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Brooklyn Zoo , Bedford-Stuyvesant Until Tuesday January 31 2017

Bartending 201: Techniques & Tips for the Creative Process

If your last mixology class got you thinking about trying to go pro, Bartending 201: Techniques & Tips for the Creative Process at Astor Center (212-674-7501, astorcenternyc.com; $79) will bring you a step closer to Sasha Petraske–protégé material. Taught by mixology veteran April Wachtel, the lesson imparts techniques in speed, multitasking and service. Participants get behind a bar to practice making various drinks simultaneously, upping their efficiency while sipping some of the cocktails they’ve made.

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Eat With This! Flatware Intensive

Your aunt Ruth will throw out her cherished silver when she’s seen the copper, brass and silver masterpieces you created at this dining-ware workshop. By the time you’re through, you’ll know how to forge, form, sink and rivet metal to make perfect utensils. If eating ice cream with a handmade spoon isn’t fulfilling the Brooklyn dream, then what is?

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Mon Jul 25 - Fri Jul 29

Movement Creative Parkour

You already live in New York, so why not learn to move like Spider-Man? This weekly class gives you the confidence (or insanity) to leap around boulders, stairs, scaffolding and beyond all over NYC, like a spider-bitten acrobat.

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Various locations Thursday September 29 2016 - Saturday January 28 2017
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