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Peloton pro, author and NYC mom Robin Arzón on her favorite things to do in New York

The fitness guru shares her top spots in NYC, from parks to museums to restaurants.

A portrait of Robin Arzon holding a leather jacket.
Photograph: By James Farrell
Photograph: By James Farrell
Rossilynne Skena Culgan
Written by
Rossilynne Skena Culgan

On her long list of accomplishments—VP/head instructor at Peloton, New York Times best-selling author (twice), marathoner (27 times), former lawyer, founder of Swagger Society and mom—Robin Arzón could surely add expert juggler to the list. She keeps all of those balls in the air while “proudly raising little New Yorkers.”

After growing up in Philadelphia, Arzón moved to New York City at the age of 17, so she's a bona fide New Yorker who has plenty of suggestions for the best things to do around town. Her Instagram handle is @RobinNYC, after all.

I've been a card-carrying, tax-paying New Yorker for a long time
. I don't know what the NYC stamp of approval is, but I’m a New Yorker now, honey. I've earned the NYC in my @RobinNYC moniker," she tells Time Out New York.

Arzón and her husband Drew Butler are raising their daughter Athena in NYC, with a second baby on the way. With Mother's Day approaching, she's got some recommendations perfect for families.

Robin Arzón and Daughter Athena
Photograph: By James Farrell | Robin Arzón and daughter Athena

Here are some of Robin Arzón's favorite places in NYC

  • The Whitney

    As members of The Whitney and representatives on the museum’s artist council, the American Art Museum is high on Arzón’s list, especially when paired with a visit to Little Island.
  • The carousel at Hudson River Park

    "I place Athena in my jogging stroller, the one that I designed with Baby Jogger [it's even inspired by NYC's streets!] and we go for a run on the West Side Highway. I really like the carousel at Hudson River Park because it punctuates my runs … Her little moment is the carousel, and then we get back in the stroller after snack time, and then it’s Mama’s time to run.”
  • Sheep Meadow in Central Park

    "It's such an iconic New York place in the fall, spring, summer, really any season. I have a feeling [Athena will] probably be having some birthday parties in Sheep Meadow at some point in her life cycle as a New Yorker."
  • Dining out

    "This might be a surprising thing to say and maybe a controversial thing to say, but Athena comes with us to brunch, to every restaurant. We're going to Eleven Madison Park. … I don’t ever want to be that disruptive family, but I don’t think she’s ever going to learn how to act right unless we put her in situations where she has to act correctly. So that’s kind of our perspective. Raising little New Yorkers is putting them in environments and seeing how they can thrive.”
  • Performing arts experiences

    "I can't wait to take her to Madison Square Garden, to SummerStage, to Shakespeare in the Park. In a lot of these spaces, she’s going to be the youngest person there, and I’m OK with that. … I’m willing to kind of take on those little stresses of being in those environments that might not conventionally have kids, so Athena can see what living an uncommon life looks like.”
Robin Arzón and daughter Athena reading together.
Photograph: By Brian King | Robin Arzón and daughter Athena reading together.

What's next for the Peloton powerhouse

When she's not outside on an NYC adventure or leading an inspiring Peloton class, Arzón's been busy writing. She published a book called Strong Mama last year, then followed it up this year with Strong Baby, which highlights a baby's first movements and physical milestones. It's packed with the fitness instructor's powerful mantras, encouraging parents and baby to move together. 

Now, she's creating her next book called Welcome, Hustler: An Empowerment Journal, which is on pre-sale in advance of publishing this fall. A journaling practice has long been important for Arzón. She started journaling while she was still working as a corporate litigator and says the practice “really became foundational in transforming my life, honestly.”

"The Welcome, Hustler: Empowerment Journal that I created is really a place for your innermost thoughts and for you to architect a framework for your future and for your next level. It's infused with my mantras, my prompts, calls to action, little ways or big ways when we can tune into when our whispers need to become roars. And it's really infused with strength, swagger, gratitude, these are all themes that are in Welcome Hustler. Yes, it's about optimizing our next level. But it's also really contemplative. It provides space for vulnerability."

In addition to writing, she's also developing Swagger Society, the first lifestyle membership club in Web3 all about leveling up in life. 

"We're going to be trying to architect a world where growth mindset is the standard," Arzón says. "Then the Web3 technology is just the way to unlock our connection."

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