The best Chinese New Year takeaways to bring home

Bring these festive Chinese New Year takeaways and goodies home to celebrate the Year of the Pig in style
Shisen Hanten - Chinese New Year
By Jude Elliot Tan |

Dress up your Chinese New Year table with these delicious takeaway items that save you from the hassle of cooking. Don't limit yourself just to pen cai and yu sheng, there's a whole host of other auspicious dishes that deserve a place at the table. These are the few you should be chowing down on during CNY.

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Yu Sheng and Pen Cai from Ah Hoi's Kitchen

Help make this Year of the Pig prosperous for all by giving back. Collaborating with Little Arts Academy, Hotel Jen Tanglin will donate 3 percent of its total proceeds from Ah Hoi’s Kitchen to the Business Times Budding Artist Fund. Take home its Signature Yu Sheng (from $48) – a glorious platter with either Norwegian smoked salmon or abalone – or its Fortune Pen Cai (from $128), a galore of decadent treasures braised masterfully in a mushroom and scallop broth.

Available from January 15 to February 19. Advanced order of two days required.

More information available on its website.

Premium CNY Goodies from Shangri-La Hotel

Whether you’re looking for an ideal gift during this festive season or a grand platter for celebration, head over to Shangri-La Hotel’s lobby for a wide selection of premium ingredients packages. Get the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall package ($368) – brimming with 16 different premium ingredients, such as abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, deer sinew and more, cooked together with a superior stock – or the Abundance Treasure Pot Pen Cai ($398), from which you get a generous amount of treasured ingredients like abalone, fish maw, scallop, pork knuckle, sea cucumber, and goose web.

Available from January 7 to February 3.


Pineapple Tarts and Love Letters at The Ritz-Carlton

At the 3rd level of this 5-star hotel lies Colony Bakery, where you can get your favourite Chinese New Year prosperity goodies that were skillfully handcrafted. With delicious pineapple tarts ($38), love letters ($29) and other CNY cookies (from $20) ready for you to munch on, its hampers (from $168) become perfect to bring along for your reunion celebrations. 

Available from January 7 to February 11, 10am to 10pm daily.

Yuzu Pandan Chiffon Cake at Andaz Singapore

For an alternative festive goodie, try out the limited edition Lunar New Year Yuzu Pandan Chiffon Cake from Pandan. With prices of $5.50 for a small (serves 1) to $38 for a large (serves 5-8), this uniquely festive cake comprises of a moist pandan chiffon core glazed red, with a zesty and piquant yuzu mousse, and a drizzle of orange to top it off. 

Available from January 14 to February 28. Advanced order of three days required. 


Specialties from Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro

Truly feel the blessings of the year of the Pig by ordering takeaway from Singapore's only two-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant. At Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro, indulge in some of its delicious specialities such as the Baby Abalone Fortune Pot ($468 for 5-6 persons) or the Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng($78 for 4-6 persons, $118 for 8-10 persons), and enjoy them at the comfort of your own home.

Available from January 19 to February 19.

Sprmrkt Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Tarts from Sprmrkt

Make Sprmrkt’s pineapple tarts ($38 for 600g) a part of your gift arsenal when making house visits this CNY. Impress your relatives with these tiny bites of heaven. The classic treat is given a Vietnamese touch with lemongrass in the pineapple jam. And the crust? A buttery shortcrust pastry perfumed with earl grey tea.

Available from January 21 onwards.

Dian Xiao Er Herbal Duck

Herbal Roast Duck from Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er’s herbal roast duck ($59.80) is a safe bet for any Chinese New Year potluck gathering. Choose the ten wonder herbs sauce prepared with a list of herbs including condonopsis root, foxglove root and licorice root. There's a reason why this dish has been the restaurant's signature offering for years.

Takeaway orders close on January 31, collection on February 4.

Peach Garden Vegetarian Yu Sheng
Photo by: Tan Meng Choon

Vegetarian Yu Sheng at Peach Garden

Chinese New Year is a time of reunion and togetherness – so no one should be excluded from the festivities. Order Peach Garden’s new vegetarian yu sheng ($65.48 for large, $46.22 for small) for the non-meat eaters in the family. Feast on a healthy mix of ingredients such as julienne vegetables, ginger flower, shredded taro, beetroot, fresh fruits and a zesty chef’s special dressing.

Available from January 8 to February 19.

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