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Where to try Impossible Foods' plant-based meat in Singapore

Mission Impossible: making the world eat less meat, one plant-based patty at a time

park bench deli

Impossible Foods landed in Singapore in March and we’re already seeing it take over menus across the island. While it’s uncanny how much the plant-based product looks and tastes like beef, it’s in fact made of heme. “What the heck is heme?” You might ask. It’s a molecule found in all living things and is what gives meat its taste. Impossible Foods uses genetically modified yeast as part of a fermenting process to generate large quantities of heme, the key ingredient responsible for the meaty flavour in Impossible, in a sustainable and efficient way. Try it for yourself by checking out these restaurants serving the new ‘meat’ in town.

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Park Bench Deli

Tanjong Pagar

TRY Impossible Patty Melt ($22)

Our favourite sandwich makers get in on the action with the plant-based patty served between slices of rye bread with caramelised onions, American cheddar, dill pickles and PBD special sauce. It's just as juicy and filling as the original Patty Melt – but without any animal meat. 

Three Buns
Credit: Nicholas Loh
Restaurants, Burgers

Potato Head Singapore


TRY The Impossible Dream ($27)

Putting this plant-based patty into a burger is a no-brainer but the experts over at Potato Head do it justice. A grilled Impossible patty is stacked with onion marmalade, a slice of heritage tomato and XO mayo in a toasted brioche bun for an explosion of flavour.

Restaurants, Indian

Rang Mahal

City Hall

TRY Kheema Bao ($55)

Let fine-dining Indian restaurant Rang Mahal show you just how versatile Impossible meat can be. It's created a vegetarian version of its menu favourite, the Kheema Bao. Instead of lamb, Impossible is used to make a special minced masala stew served with buttered buns.

Restaurants, Cafés

Privé Wheelock


TRY Juicy Lucy Impossible Meatball spaghetti ($19)

Swap the regular plate of pasta with a plant-based one. Don't fret about the lack of red meat in your dish because after all, what is spaghetti without the meatballs? Stuffed with cheese, the Impossible meatballs are served with tomato ragout and topped with basil. This hearty dish doesn't fail to hit the spot.

Things to do


City Hall

TRY Sichuan Mapo Tofu with Impossible meat ($18)

You won't even notice the switcheroo – the popular classic Sichuan dish Mapo tofu is already so packed with spices that the minced Impossible meat plays a secondary role. The dish has a spicy, pungent (in a good way) and appetising flavour that goes perfectly with steamed rice.

Restaurants, European

Bread Street Kitchen

Marina Bay

TRY The Impossible Wellington ($39)

Fans of Gordon Ramsay know that the celebrity chef is known for his beef Wellington. The Impossible version is given the same treatment as the Bread Street Kitchen classic. Here, you’ll find a seared juicy and meaty centre surrounded by a herbed crepe, savoury duxelles and finally, a crisp crust. The dish is also served with mash potatoes and glazed carrots


Restaurants, Burgers



TRY The Impossible Cottage Pie ($18)

Though known for its massive burgers, ribs and shakes, Halal diner FatPapas puts an unexpected spin to the Impossible with a "meaty" pie. The rustic cottage pie is made with layers of Impossible meat chilli con carne and kidney beans seasoned with 12 different spices, bechamel sauce and buttery mash potatoes

Other plant-based options in Singapore

beyond meat


The main source of protein in Beyond comes from peas. It also contains beets, which give the product a reddish colour that ‘bleeds’ when you cook it. Taste-wise, it ’s slightly smoky and sweet. Beyond also nails the texture and feels like the real thing.

TRY IT AT NTUC Fairprice Finest, RedMart, Little Farms, Wolf Burgers and Mezza9.



This non-meat alternative gets its protein from a fungus that's fermented to make mycoprotein. But all you need to know is that it has the same texture as chicken nuggets and even tastes buttery. Quorn is available in many variations, from mince to tenders and is also super affordable.

TRY IT AT Most major supermarkets including Cold Storage and RedMart.



Made from a blend from peas, non-GMO soy, shiitake and rice, Omnipork nails the flavour of pork but deviates in texture. It ’s spongier than the real deal and lacks fibrous layers. Think of it as more pork ball than tenderloin.

TRY IT AT Pizza Express, Jade, HRVST and Whole Earth.

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