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Scenic World

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Time Out Says

Take the Scenic route for a day

In 1945 the canny Hammon family took the old mining railway originally used to haul shale up the cliff and converted it into a Scenic Railway for the use of visitors. The ride passes down a hair-raising 52-degree incline through a rock tunnel into the Jamison Valley and the rainforest below. These days, just to get you into the mood, they play the Indiana Jones theme while you descend at a rate of four metres per second.

At the bottom there is a series of raised boardwalks called the Scenic Walkway. Partly wheelchair accessible, these platforms take you on a pleasant, dirt-free walk around the valley going past interesting examples of plant life as well as enormous pieces of old mining equipment. There are museum-style exhibits about the old mine down there as well.

In 2000, Scenic World added the Scenic Cableway: a glass-walled cable car that makes the same trip but with a more spectacular view of the valley. Decide whether you want to descend or ascend in the Cableway; most choose to ascend, because the Scenic Railway is more fun going down.

The Scenic Skyway is a 720m return ride across the valley in a cable car, suspended 270m in the air, with astounding views that take in the entire valley including the Three Sisters. In operation since 1958, it was rebuilt in 2005 with a cable car featuring a glass bottom – those prone to vertigo might want to skip this one. For best value, the Discovery Pass (kids from $27.90; adults from $49.90; families from $77.80) grants entry to everything that Scenic World has to offer.

Dining is available in the on-site licensed restaurant, Eats270, named for its position perched 270m high above Jamieson valley, complete with panoramic views from its open-air deck.


1 Violet St
Opening hours:
Daily 9am-5pm

What's On

Dinosaur Valley at Scenic World

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Scenic World is a fun way to experience the Blue Mountains at any time of the year but over summer 2021-2022 visitors can get more bang (or roar) for their buck with the return of Dinosaur Valley.  A friendly apatosaurus with its long, long neck greets you in your vehicle as you arrive at Scenic World's gates. Then there's the awe-inspiring sight of a life-size T-rex swishing its tail and flexing its jaws as you make your way to check in.  Led by a friendly guide, you'll first make a spectacular descent via the Scenic Cableway, then be led out along the Scenic Walkway for a one-kilometre journey along the rainforest floor glimpsing fossils, eggs and startling replicas of local Australian and other dinosaurs.  Try not to panic as a family of triceraptopses lumbers into view, or a pair of pteranodons swoops in from up above. Meet Queensland's answer to the velociraptor, the Australovenator, as well as stegasaurus, and a pair of pachycephalosauruses with their weird, spiky crown of thorns head gear, and more. At the end of your journey you'll return to the top of the escarpment via the Scenic Railway – aka the world's steepest railway, a vertiginous experience that always manages to get the heart racing as it reverses back up the valley through sheer rock. Families with dinosaur-obsessed little ones will love this experience, and while there is nothing here to cause lasting trauma in anyone over the age of two it's not an attraction you can bring a pram to as there's a steep sta

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