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Speed Rack Sydney
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New York's all-female cocktail competition has landed in Sydney

The competition has been fierce up to this point, and now we are down to the final bar warriors in the Australian edition of Speed Rack. The all-female bartending competiton has its roots in New York, but has headed down under to scout the killer bartending talent we have behind our world class bars. The final is happening at Marble Bar in the city on Sunday July 29,  and your ticket price includes a Four Pillars G&T on arrival, plus cocktails from Calle 23 and Laird’s Applejack. Plus there's extra good karma in there because proceeds go to breast cancer charities. 

The finalists are Alissa Kate Grabriel from Mjølner; Christine Lam from the Barber Shop;  Jemima McDonald from Earl's Juke Joint; Jenna Hemsworth from Restaurant Hubert; Millie Tang from Brisbane's the Gresham; Priscilla Leong from the Baxter Inn; and Shay Chamberlain from Black Pearl in Melbourne.

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