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Enmore is getting a tiki bar in time for spring

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

We're already in danger of blowing all our paycheque sitting up at the bar at Earl's Juke Joint and ordering cocktails, but in news that is only bad for our savings accounts, Earl's owner Pasan Wijesena is going to open another bar just around the corner on Enmore Road.

He's taking over an old Thai restaurant with the help of current Earl's bar manager James Fury and bartender Adrian Sanchez, and in news that is guaranteed to get all the nerds in Sydney frothing, it's going to be pretty heavily influenced by the works of David Lynch. Oh yeah '90s kids, time to don your blue velvet.

Melbourne can keep their Seinfeld bars, cos we are getting a 60 seat Tiki bar called Jacoby. In addition to a full list of classic '50s and '60s tropical cocktails including a Mai Tai, Singapore Sling and Zombie, there's going to be black coffee on offer, and maybe if you're very good, cherry pie.

Ok, the pie might not happen, but they are planning to have a bloody great grilled cheese sandwich on the menu. Want more options? You're on Enmore Road, go eat at Sultan's Table, Stanbuli, Faheem, Bovine or Swine, the Gretz, or literally anywhere else on this snack-heavy stretch of road.

And the good news does not stop coming. They've got a 2am license. "I wanted somewhere for my friends to come and hang out," says Wijesena. And given most of his friends are also in hospitality that means somewhere that stays open long enough for people to clock off and get to Enmore.

You can expect a serious rum collection that branches into the other dark spirits and local gins, plus one beer on tap, which looks set to be Jamaica's own Red Stripe; the playlist will feature a lot of desert rock and twanging guitars; and although it's set to open by Spring 2016, start dusting off those Hawaiian shirts and resort wear because people who really commit to the theme are likely to be rewarded.

It's a really good time to live in Enmore.

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