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Get naked with Sydney Dance Company at the Art Gallery – one more time

Written by
Dee Jefferson

Sydney Festival has just announced one more performance of its special 'all nude' edition of Nude Live – where audience members go nude. They've also announced one more regular performance (i.e. where audience members wear clothes). Both are on Tuesday January 24.

Nude Live takes place after hours at the Art Gallery of NSW, and is choreographed by Sydney Dance Company artistic director Rafael Bonachela in response to Nude: Art from the Tate Collection. Nude dancers from SDC perform within the exhibition space, which results in a feast of food-for-thought about the human form unclothed. 

Why go to the nude edition? It's not (purely) about exhibitionism; it's also about having a fuller experience that encompasses a spectrum of body types, and also allows you to reflect on social and cultural protocols around nudity.

Arguably, doing Nude Live in the nude is the ultimate way to experience this unique (and entirely sold out) show.

The final "nude audience only" edition of Nude Live takes place Tuesday January 24 at 7.30pm. The extra "clothed audience only" performance is on Tuesday January 24 at 6pm.

Buy tickets for both here from Tuesday January 17 at 9am (we can safely say these will fly off faster than togs at Lady Jane).

You don't have to pay to be nude in public – you just need the right location: start with Sydney's best nudist beaches.

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