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Melbourne’s cult burger shop is opening in Sydney

Freya Herring

Ever since it opened in Melbourne earlier this year, Royal Stacks has created for itself a bit of a cult following. With their In-N-Out/Shake Shack-inspired burgers, they’re cheap and as far as we hear it, goddamn delicious. They also use prime ingredients – their meat is sourced from none other than Sydney institution Vic's Meats, where many of our finest restaurants also source their meat. In their Melbourne stores, the bread is baked fresh each day. These may be trashy burgers, but bad quality they are not.

And now they are opening in Sydney, with a store due to open up in Chatswood Westfield on Wednesday August 31. Fans of queuing (surely some of you must actually enjoy the wait?), ready yo’selves.

So what’s all the fuss about? Let us enlighten you. First off, owner Dani Zeini has set up some of Melbourne's best burger joints, including Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Easey's and Truck Stop Deluxe. And the menu reads like a dream. There’s the Single Stack burger, which is said to be as pretty in photos as it is in real life (unlike the Big Mac. Man, that thing’s ugly…). Or there’s the Prince Harry, which is spiked up with horseradish to make it a bit posh. The Miss Elizabeth even boasts truffle mayo. But we’re most excited about the King, which is a standard burger but with a mac and cheese croquette stuffed inside, to make things extra cheesy.

We also really want to try the cheese-drenched potato gems. Because cheese.

The other things we’re despo to try are the frozen custards, which we imagine are like gelatos, made in house each day. There are flavours like cookie dough, Nutella swirl and Ferrero Rocher. And please (please!) be bringing the New York cheesecake flavour with you from Melbourne, Royal Stacks? (Not like we’re obsessed with cheese or anything.) Concrete Mixers see the frozen custards transformed into thick shakes, which we couldn’t be more behind. Because what is a burger without a thick shake? A shadow of what it could be, that’s what.

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