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Brick Lane
Photograph: Anna Kucera

Top five dishes to try at Darlinghurst’s hottest new restaurant

Freya Herring

We’re very excited about Brick Lane opening. So excited, in fact, that we persuaded the owners, Kiran Bains and Alistair French, to give us an exclusive tasting of the menu, weeks before they open their doors on Wednesday November 2.

So what are our picks? Here’s the rundown…

5 – The chai brûlée with sable biscuit
Smooth, silky custard toned with chai spices and topped with a crisp sugar crust. On the side? An orange-zesty biscuit perfect for dipping.

4 – The samosas with eggplant dip
Three different samosas – one filled with gingery trout; one with shredded duck and quail and one with collard greens and cheese – come paired with a rich, creamy aubergine dip. The brik pastry lends a crisp quality that is just the right side of fried, and it’s perfect with a cocktail.

3 – The half roast chook
They’re using Bannockburn chickens for this dish (the same as ex-Momofuku Seiōbo head chef, Ben Greeno, does at the Paddington), and it is some of the tenderest, most juicy hen around. Here it’s slow cooked and then fried in a light chickpea batter, and served with sides galore: buttery parathas; cooling cucumber salad; turmeric cauliflower pickles, yoghurt and vindaloo hot sauce. Now that’s what we call a chicken sandwich.

2 – The Brick Lane pork roll
God, these are good. Brick Lane’s take on a banh mi throws that Vietnamese staple out the window. House-made pâté is paired with slow cooked, tender AF pork belly, with spring onions, mayo and chilli. It’s all stuffed into a buttery paratha, and it’s soft, melty, messy and goddamn amazing. We’ll take a gutload please.

1 – The watermelon granita
We know, we know – how good can a granita be? Well clearly you’ve never had chef Joey Ingram’s granita. The crushy flakes are paired with smooth vanilla custard, lightly scented rose jelly, sweet, zingy candied lemon and we are beside ourselves with quite how delicious – not to mention beautiful – this dish is. Don’t leave without trying it.

You’re going to have to wait until the place opens to try all this stuff yourself, Sydney. But we’re predicting big things – check out their website to book in advance.

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