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You call that a flood?

A girl with an umbrella shielding herself from a watersplash caused by a passing car

Hi, I grew up in Lismore and since moving to Sydney ten years ago, I noticed a very unifying trait your people all share (aside from your calcified pineal glands from fluoride-heavy drinking water) you absolutely wet your wellingtons when water falls from the sky for longer than eight hours. Bless. The flurry of social media frazzlement can be pretty endearing.


Overnight, Sydney did receive a significant lashing. Many suburbs copped flash flooding resulting in dangerous roads that lead to car accidents, and that's truly awful.


Well, just LOOK at this NIGHTMARE. You call this a flood Sydney? It's shallower than the kid's wading area at a public pool.

Prince Harry's visit to the harbour was soggier than we would all like. He got a bit wet poor sod, but is it worth tracking LIVE?





Side note: Is Gladys really not coping in the background or auditioning for The Mummy reboot?

Media tripped over itself to splash our feeds with gloomy messages of how many days we will have to endure water falling from the sky.


And, of course, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook became a raging rapid of amateur rain footage and imagery. Everyone becomes a meteorological expert from the comfort of their inner-city awning. Ten centimetres worth of water comes dribbling down King Street and all of a sudden Newtown is declared the new Lost City of Atlantis.

Newtown underwater


RIP The Townie. RIP The Hub.




No. You can't have flooding as your 'thing' Sydney. It's Lismore's thing. Have any of you been evacuated mid Crown Street pub meal? Have you had to abandon a glass of rose because you forgot your umbrella?


Our spirit as a city will not be dampened. Together we can brave this monumental disaster... If you missed Sydney's 'Great Wednesday Flood of 2017', here's what it looked like. 


We will rebuild.




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