Things to do when it rains in Sydney

Don't despair! You don't need the sun to have fun in Sydney. Here are our favourite rainy day activities

Photograph: Andreas Andersson

Just because the skies are falling, doesn't mean you have to sit around doing nothing... We've picked out the best things to do in Sydney when it rains, from escape rooms and indoor climbing centres to backstage tours, our favourite pubs with fireplaces and time honoured karaoke dens. RECOMMENDED: 101 fun things to do indoors in Sydney. 10 places to buy a brolly in the CBD.

Rainy day activities in Sydney


Head underground

There's a lot of good reasons to head down rather than up when you're feeling parched. Underground it's always party o'clock, because even if it's 2pm, it feels like after dark. Drinking below street level is also deliciously climate controlled so in a torrential downpour, your best bet is posting up in one of Sydney's best booze cellars.


Bust out of an escape room

Each room has a different theme and stimulates all senses, demanding a variety of problem-solving skills. Read our reviews of the best rooms in Sydney. 

By: Emma Joyce

Go indoor climbing

When it's too wet to go for a jog in the park, there are ways to work up a sweat indoors. Purpose-built climbing gyms are popping up all over this fine city – so grab a buddy and get climbing.

By: Time Out editors

Play arcade games in the pub

When it's looking like an indoor sort of weekend, hole up in these fun-time pubs and spend all your pocket money on pinball and beers.


Arrange an indoor ping pong match

The city has a number of fun indoor activities at your carefully-curled-for-a-volleyball-pike fingertips. Here are some of the best and where you can try them.

By: Time Out editors

Visit the museum

Sydney’s museums are where you’ll uncover stories about the people who’ve made this city what it is today, its natural history and the science, design and innovation that’ll propel us into the future. They're also indoors! 

By: Dee Jefferson

Watch movies all day, every day

Even as the world becomes filled with screens and accessing movies becomes as easy as looking at your phone, Sydney's top cinemas are thriving, because Sydneysiders love the communal experience of watching a film. So what are the best cinemas in Sydney? We've ranked them according to the quality of film selection, the architecture and the overall pleasure of the experience. 

By: Nick Dent

Discover your inner kid

From dodgem cars to shooting lasers, these under cover activities are fun (and they'll keep you forever young). You’ll soon forget it’s cold and miserable outside. 


See a show

Netflix and chill is our go-to for wet weather, but Cabin Fever is real and you can't stay indoors all week. Book in for a night of culture with one of the upcoming theatre shows and musicals over the next seven days. 

By: Ben Neutze

Jump around

These seven indoor trampolining parks cater for hours of rainy day fun. 

By: Emma Joyce

Take a backstage tour of Sydney's theatres

What happens on stage is only half the story. Step behind the curtain to experience theatre from a different angle in these intimate behind-the-scenes tours of Sydney’s most impressive theatre spaces. Once you're equipped with the backstage knowledge, check out what's currently on stage.

By: Rebecca Russo

Find a pub with a fireplace

Cold and wet? Curl up in front of the flames – preferably wood, but we'll take gas if that's what's on offer – with a pint of beer and lose whole evenings in the comfort of your local, staying warm and dry all winter long. 


Play pub trivia

Do you possess freaky accurate knowledge of the Simpsons oeuvre? Do you know your Australian cricket captains better than you know your own uncles? Are you totally up to date on current affairs and '90s pop? Use all the weird, wonderful and utterly useless facts in your arsenal to wine cash, booze, biscuits and glory at one of Sydney's best pub trivia nights, where knowledge really is power.

By: Time Out editors

Go on an art crawl

Sydney is busting at the seams with great art galleries – from major institutions like the Art Gallery of NSW and the Museum of Contemporary Art, to incredible privately-owned but publically accessible (and free!) galleries like White Rabbit.

By: Time Out editors

Play tag with the kids

When it rains in Sydney, it pours. So it pays to have a few wet-weather saviours up your sleeves for when the kids are home and bored with cartoons and colouring-in books.

By: Olivia Gee

Bust a lung at karaoke

We've hit up Sydney's karaoke dens to discern for you the best. The criteria? The room, the sound system, the song list and that special something – we'll call it k-factor. Who topped the charts? Read on.

By: Time Out editors

Learn a new skill in the kitchen

Whether you want to pickle the day away at Cornersmith, get elbow-deep in flour at Salt Meats Cheese or bake up a storm at Brasserie Bread, there's sure to be a class that'll teach you something. 

By: Time Out editors

Go to a gig

Liven up your Tuesday with some old school funk or or get yourself through hump day at a mid-week gig. Whatever night you choose, there's plenty of free live concerts every night of the week to get you groovin', right across the city and its surrounds.

By: Jordan Kretchmer

Bliss out!

Whether you want hardcore results, or just a bit of chill time, Sydney's best spas have you covered. So book it, bring a magazine and prepare to bliss out.

By: Emma Joyce

Hibernate indoors

Find 101 things to do indoors

Get out and undercover with our guide to indoor activities, from entertainment parks to sport and fitness, classes and talks and cultural venues that are warm and dry all year round. Because fresh air is overrated...

By: Time Out editors