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Four doughnuts
Photograph: Supplied/Fireball

A doughnut-stuffed doughnut injected with Fireball whisky actually exists

When you need some fire in your belly

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

Much like the Dalgona 'Bobamisu', which smushed all of 2020's dessert trends into one dish earlier in the year, Redfern joint Donut Papi has created a wild dessert combination that's piqued our curiosity.

The spicy 'Fire in the Hole' doughnut has a lot going on: a cinnamon doughnut is topped with a butterscotch and whisky-infused glaze, drizzled with Fireball-flavoured icing, and stacked with a red, cinnamon-crumbed doughnut ball. In case that wasn't enough, a pipette full of undiluted Fireball whisky is injected into its side. How's that for an afternoon pick-me-up?  

Grab your boozy treat from Donut Papi, Surly’s American Tavern, The Big Easy and Hustle and Flow Bar from Friday, September 4 until Friday, September 18. 

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