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A new basement venue in Newtown has been granted the suburb's first daily 4am licence in over 100 years

The enigmatic new venue by the Odd Culture Group is the next step in amping up Sydney's nightlife

Written by
Elizabeth McDonald

If you're content with headlines of a dying Sydney nightlife, then this one ain't for you. However, if you're into the bright side of life and the unbelievable hard work of those breathing life back into our town then we've got great news!

The first seven day a week, 4am license in Newtown has been granted in over 100 years. The lucky recipients? The group who brought us the Oxford Tav, the Duke of Enmore, Odd Culture Newtown and the Old Fitz. With a line-up like that, you know you can expect good things. The enigmatic new venue is described as an underground music venue somewhere in the immediate vicinity of Newtown train station.

The move is a defining moment in the push for Sydney’s 24-hour economy by creating opportunities for more diverse, inclusive, and multi-dimensional late night hospitality offerings that will contribute to reinvigorating Sydney’s nightlife and making Sydney a global destination once again. Odd Culture Group is a new-age leader in the hospitality industry known for creating diverse and
inclusive venues that strongly resonate with the needs and desires of their local communities.

Michael Rodrigues, NSW’s 24-hour Economy Commissioner, said: "A major part of the 24-hour Economy Strategy is to encourage the diversification of activities and amenities at night, so today’s announcement is very exciting. It's great to see new venues opening that offer increased choice and flexibility for people when enjoying a night out."

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