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Hendriks Cognac and Wine cheese plate
Photograph: Steven Woodburn

Apparently it's national cheese and wine day this weekend

Penny Lawson of Penny's Cheese Shop shares her cheese and wine pairing tips

Written by
Elizabeth McDonald

At some point in history, for better or worse, cheese and wine were placed hand in hand. While some pairings of said combo can be a transcending moment for the palate, others are nothing short of sluggish and kind of gross. In short; the duo can be an intimidating adversary without a little guidance. As such, self-diagnosed curd nerd, Penny Lawson of Penny’s Cheese Shop in Potts Point has shared her perfect wine and cheese pairings just for you.

“Try and think not only about the flavour and aroma when matching cheese to wine, think also of the texture – lighter bodied wines with fresher, lighter cheeses, and heavier wines with denser alpine cheeses.” suggests Lawson.

“A blue cheese and a sweeter wine, such as a late harvest Riesling or Sauternes, is a great match – the opposites of sweet and salty that work so well together.” Think sharp and salty blue cheese with dessert wine, sweet and nutty Comté matched with crisp sauvignon blanc.

Most importantly, Lawson stresses the importance of not stressing. “If the cheese is good, the wine is good and the company is good… you are in for a good time.”

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