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Eat glowing Messina ice cream at Vivid's blacklight dessert bar

Emily Lloyd-Tait

Turns out black lights aren't just for raves, they're for dessert, too. For 23 days during Vivid, Darling Square is playing host to a multisensory dessert bar featuring sweet treats from Gelato Messina. It's called Blacklight, and will involve dining in a black cube so that what's on your plate glows like something out of Alice in Wonderland. There are four desserts available each night, with Messina collaborating with DOPA, Edition Coffee Roasters and Bubble Nini on the weekly rotating menu.

You can get Messina's famous mushroom cake, but in a single serve and glowing. There will also be a three-layer dulce de leche gelato cake on the menu, where the strawberry sauce glows pink in the dark. Bubble Nini is joining the show for the first week, providing luminescent bubble tea. One is black tea with glow-in-the-dark strawberry pearls and herbal jellies; the other is a jasmine green tea with fresh orange, passionfruit, apple, coconut jelly, glow-in-the-dark mango pearls and mango sorbet. 

Edition Coffee Roasters are guest-starring during week two, making a gelato sandwich that's been dipped in glow-in-the-dark chocolate, and a warm mocha for those chilly nights. What DOPA bring to the table for week three is anyone's guess.  

The Blacklight Dessert Lab runs from 6-11pm, May 24-Jun 15 at Darling Square in Haymarket.

A mushroom-shaped dessert glowing in UV light

Photograph: Supplied

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