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Cocktails with chocolate on the side
Photograph: Supplied/Cocktail Porter

Get DIY Messina cocktail kits delivered to your door this summer

Choose from dulce de leche Espresso Martinis or gin-spiked coconut and lime Piña Coladas

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

In a year where nothing much has been certain, at least we can rely on Messina to keep kicking it up a notch with its fantastical range of sweet treats – from chunky, add-on-laden gelato to Christmas trifle to warm, melt-in-your-mouth cookie pies

Now, in partnership with Cocktail Porter, Messina has packaged up a couple of DIY cocktail kits inspired by its famous flavours and including either actual Messina gelato, or one of the dessert brand's rich, pour-over toppings. You've got two options, and good luck deciding between them: dulce de leche Espresso Martinis, or gin-spiked coconut and lychee Piña Coladas. In the first, you'll get Ciroc vodka, coffee liqueur, premium cold-drip coffee and Messina's dulce de leche topping, plus a jar of Messina's chocolate hazelnut spread and shaved coconut to rim your glass with (or sprinkle on top if you don't have that kind of skill). Otherwise, get the 'Giña colada' pack, with Tanqueray gin, coconut water, pineapple juice, verjuice, and a voucher to go pick up a tub of Messina coconut and lychee gelato (an integral part of the cocktail). 

Both of the cocktail combinations come in two different-sized packs: a mini Espresso Martini kit is $85, while a mini Giña Colada kit costs $89 (both serve up six drinks). If you're catering for a larger audience, grab the large packs ($149 and $159 respectively) and you'll get 18 cocktails out of each.

Order online at Cocktail Porter – they deliver Australia-wide. 

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