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full moon
Photograph: Canon Master and Photographer, Sean Scott

Look up! September is bringing a slew of spectacular celestial moments to marvel at

Get out in the open air at night, because this month will continue to deliver cool galactic events

Lisa Hamilton
Written by
Lisa Hamilton

The universe has been delivering a pretty spectacular line-up of planetary events lately. If you’ve been rubber-necking out your window to check out the blue moon and the other supermoon, the good news is, there are more Milky Way moments to mark on your calendar for September.

While the Northern Hemisphere moves into aurora borealis season, which brings about plenty of interesting equinoxes to spot, down here in the Southern Hemisphere we also have some gorgeous galaxy events to see, including a green comet and another supermoon!

September 19: Neptune at opposition

If you’re keen on seeing Neptune, Sydneysiders will be able to get a clear look at the eighth most distant planet from Earth. At around 7.30pm on September 19, step outside and you may get to see Neptune lying directly opposite the sun. It will be visible until around 4.00am the next morning.

September 22: Comet Nishimura

A fresh new comet has been uncovered thanks to Japanese photographer Hideo Nishimura, who spotted the green object while stargazing in August 2023. Now known as Comet Nishimura, it has been orbiting the sun but will be most visible in Australia when it moves closer to the Earth around September 22. The best bit: It will be visible to the naked eye. That said, if you look through a telescope – or perhaps even a pair of binoculars – you should be able to see the distinct comet ‘tail’, which is particularly spesh.

September 23: Spring equinox

Spring has sprung – which means warmer weather, blooming flowers, and it also marks the spring equinox, which will take place on September 23 and signifies the moment when neither the Northern or Southern Hemispheres are inclined towards or away from the sun. This means that both of the Earth’s hemispheres are on even keel if you will, with both regions receiving the same amount of daylight. There isn’t a whole lot you can gaze at, per se, but it’s worth noting this time in the year when the world aligns for a mere moment in space.

September 29: Harvest Moon

Hark! Yet another supermoon is coming our way and it's bringing good vibes in the home. The final supermoon for the year will arrive on September 29 and will be visible for around three days. Take these pro photographer tips to get a good photo of it. It's a Harvest Moon, which, according to astrologers, is the perfect time to spring clean your home and spend time with your nearest and dearest.

On now through to October 1: Moon Festival

The Harvest Moon is also the perfect timing to head over to the Moon Festival in Darling Square – for food, performances, activities and mooncakes!

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