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Move over frosé, soft serve cocktails are here for summer

Emily Lloyd-Tait

There's no way around it, every summer we get a new icy snack trend to fill our social media over the sweatiest months of the year. First we had frosé, then friesling, prosecco Calippos, and popsicles in cocktails like elaborate ice cubes. Taking up the mantle for 2018's summer soother, Gin Lane on Kensington Street in Chippendale have announced a rang of classic cocktail soft serves.

It's not creamy like your classic 40 cent cone – instead they're using fresh juices, natural sugars, Tanqueray Gin and Italian prosecco to create a soft serve Negroni. It comes in a black waffle cone with candied orange and a chocolate flake. They're also making a frozen Southside (citrus and mint), an Aperol Spritz in a cone and a Singapore Sling to cool you down and chill you out for $10 a pop, or $8 is you opt for a cup instead of a cone.

A Negroni soft serve in a cone

Photograph: Supplied

In good news for those who like to knock off early, or work shift hours, they're opening the soft serve cocktail bar for one hour Mondays to Wednesdays, from 4pm until 5pm. Thursdays through Saturdays it'll be an early rush to get there between 2pm and 4pm. 

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