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Sydney pizzas that think outside the box

Fancy a pizza that’s not a pizza?

By Freya Herring

Gone are the days when pizza was just tomato and cheese on dough. Today there are all sorts of weird and wonderful pizzas on offer across the city. Here are our current faves.

A pizza with a black base topped with mozzarella and basil
Photograph: Supplied

Da Vinci's Ristorante Pizzeria Gelateria

Restaurants Summer Hill

Charcoal pizza
Da Vinci’s out in Summer Hill are doing a charcoal pizza. No, that’s not pizza cooked over charcoal; the charcoal has actually been mixed into the dough itself. So it comes out black. It’s good for the digestion, apparently.

Kepos & Co

Restaurants Waterloo

Israeli flat bread
Okay so it’s not technically a pizza; it’s a flatbread. But when you slice circular flatbread into triangles and put stuff on top, it’s hard not to compare the two. The bread is made in-house and is soft, thick and puffy – almost like a focaccia, but charred. They do them a few ways, topping them with lamb in one version, but we love it dusted with za’atar and dressed with big dollops of thick, creamy goat’s labneh.

Pizza with sausage pieces and cheese on top
Photograph: Supplied

Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria

Restaurants Lebanese Enmore

Lebanese pizza
Manoosh in Enmore is a beloved institution in the Inner West. They do regular-style pizzas, sure, but it’s their Lebanese pizzas you need to pay attention to. They sprinkle the dough with za’atar and top it with things like haloumi, tahini, veggies and even falafel. Plus you can get Lebanese dips like hummus, tzatziki and babaghanoush to dip the crusts in. And can we talk about the haloumi pie? Picture it: a heap of melted haloumi encased with pastry and sprinkled with fragrant sesame seeds. Now that’s a hangover cure.

Black pizza topped with lobster and cheese being cut
Photograph: Daniel Lo

Salt Meats Cheese

Restaurants Pizza Alexandria

Black pizza
Salt Meats Cheese make a lobster pizza where the dough has been kneaded with squid ink to give it a rich, black hue. Among big hunks of lobster meat are melty fontina and fior di latte cheeses, garlic oil and thyme. Apparently the chef came up with the idea while he was making squid ink pasta, realising too late that he’d put the ink into the pizza, rather than the pasta, dough. And Salt Meats Cheese’s signature dish was born.


Sven's Viking Pizza

Restaurants Randwick

Swedish pizza
The Swedish approach to the Italian fast food includes the ‘Frö’: it’s topped with beef eye fillet steak and béarnaise sauce. They also do two types of kebab pizzas, topped with doner kebab meat and salad. Ask for a complimentary ‘Swedish pizza salad’ on the side: it’s the Swedish version of American slaw, with cabbage tossed in vinaigrette rather than heavy mayo.

Need more pizza? We hear ya...

A margherita in a take away cardboard box at The Pizza Box
Photograph: Anna Kucera

The best pizza in Sydney

Restaurants Italian

Throwing all carb-caution to the wind, Time Out Sydney has gone on an eating rampage through Sydney's pizza restaurants to track down the city's best. You're welcome. Now get thee to a pizzeria!


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