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Meet the maker: Chocolate Einstein

He creates playful, geometric prints for kids and kidults
Written by
Emma Joyce

When Nick Hernandez was a child he used to customise his sneakers by painting them with new colours and designs, so it’s only natural that as an adult he’s adapted his grown-up artwork to kids’ clothing. The former TV production assistant made a big decision last year to use his tax return on a trip to Bali where he paid to have samples of his paintings printed on material. “I thought the designs might be too loud for adults,” says Nick. “So I had children’s clothing made. Adults can live vicariously through their children.”

A father himself, 44-year-old Nick was passionate about creating unisex clothes that children could run around and get dirty in – like track pants, T-shirts and overalls. His business, playfully named Chocolate Einstein, developed just after his baby girl was born. “Like my paintings, there’s not a lot of thought that goes into the product. It just happens,” says Hernandez, who produced a limited run of adult sized items too, for all the big kids out there. The common thread is that all of the clothing bares geometric shapes in ‘smoky rainbow’, with Aztec and Peruvian influences. “The eye and the mouth shapes are a big thing for me,” he adds. “They’re powerful and represent so many things across cultures.”

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