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Chatswood area guide

Restaurants, bars, shops and events in Chatswood

Photograph: Anna Kucera

This popular business district in northern Sydney is home to a large number of corporate HQs: Smith's Snackfood, Pepsico and Optus just to name a few. But while it's definitely a business hub – and has the grey-glass high-rises that come with that – Chatswood is also one of Sydney's great cultural hubs, and a centrepoint for the Asian community. Which explains the great Chinese eats: it's here that you'll find yum cha juggernauts Kam Fook and Fook Yuen. Plus, Chatswood is home to a super-Westfield and Chatswood Chase shopping Centre as well as cultural venue, the Concourse, where you can hear music, see plays and watch movies under the stars in summer.