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Artist impression of entry to Gadigal Station
Photograph: Supplied/Transport NSW

Here's everything we know so far about Sydney’s new Metro fast-rail system

Testing of the new metro system connecting Sydney has reached a major milestone

Winnie Stubbs
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Winnie Stubbs

In case you missed it, Sydney’s transport system is getting a major upgrade, with the development of the new Sydney Metro fast underground rail network. As well as new trains, there will be new station locations, and the network will dramatically decrease journey times from certain parts of Sydney to others. It's basically what Sydney's been crying out for. Sydney’s shiny new metro system has reached a major milestone, with all 45 metro trains in the current fleet having now completed at least one return journey between Tallawong and Sydenham at operational (AKA, break-neck) speed

What is the Sydney Metro?

The Sydney Metro is a new transport system currently being built beneath the city. Featuring high-speed driverless trains, the system is set to dramatically improve the ease and speed with which Sydneysiders move around the city – running beneath the harbour and whizzing commuters from North Sydney’s new Victoria Cross Station under the harbour to Barangaroo in three minutes. Other stops on the metro line include Castle Hill, Macquarie University and a major superhub in the CBD at Martin Place.

With frequent, super-fast services, the metro is set to make commuting throughout Sydney a more simple (and speedy) experience. Construction has and will continue to cause some not insignificant disruption to our transport system (especially for people on the Bankstown to Sydenham line), but from what we know so far – it sounds like it’s going to be worth it.

When is the Sydney Metro opening?

The first stage of Sydney Metro (Sydney Metro Northwest) opened back in May 2019 – a high speed stretch of train line running from Chatswood to Rouse Hill’s Tallawong Station.

The current focus is on completing the Sydney Metro City and Southwest line, a 30-kilometre stretch running all the way from Chatswood to Bankstown. As it stands, the Sydney Metro City and Southwest line is set to open in mid-2024 (read: really really soon) – with a major station beneath Martin Place acting as the superhub

render of Martin Place new metro superhub
Artist impression: Grimshaw Architects


How fast will the Sydney Metro be?

The estimated journey times have been have been released, and it’s looking like we should be able to zip around the city pretty quickly. Currently, estimated metro journey times are as follows:

  • Castle Hill to Martin Place in 35 minutes
  • Macquarie University to Central in 26 minutes
  • Chatswood to Gadigal in 13 minutes
  • North Sydney’s Victoria Cross under the harbour to Barangaroo in 3 minutes
  • Central to Martin Place in 4 minutes
  • Central to Sydenham in 7 minutes
  • Sydenham to Chatswood in 22 minutes

Time Out Sydney

Where will Sydney Metro go?

The Sydney Metro City & Southwest line will run from Chatswood to Bankstown, running through the city and beneath the harbour. The completion of the Southwest line will see the Bankstown to Sydenham train line closed for 12 months – you can learn more about what that will mean for commuters over here.

In big news for Sydney’s western suburbs, the government has also confirmed – after years of uncertainty – that Sydney Metro West will indeed go ahead. The timeline on this one is longer, with the completion date estimated at 2032 – but it should mean big things for the city. Sydney Metro West is set to connect Sydney CBD to the sprawling new city centre next to Sydney’s new airport, and the government plans to build more additional affordable housing along the route.

“From the middle of this year, our city will be served by six brand new metro stations, giving commuters more travel options than ever before,” Transport Minister Jo Haylen has said on the project.

Sydney Metro is set to open in mid-2024. You can learn more and keep track (pun intended) of progress here.

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