Day of the Donut

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It’s a festival… dedicated to doughnuts

Day of the Donut is here people. It comes from the guys behind our favourite cakey festival, Flour Market, and it’s on this Saturday at the Paramount space in Surry Hills.

Featured doughnuts come by way of Brewtown Newtown, Doughnut Time, Woah! Nelly Bakes, Donut Papi, My Donut Box, Grumpy Donuts and brand new doughnut shop Shortstop. There are even vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free doughnuts from Sydney doughnuttery We Are Nutie, which are, believe it or not, really rather delicious actually.

All of the coveted Early Bird tickets are sold out already, but if you head down there on Saturday July 30 before they open at 9am (we’d recommend getting there at least 30 minutes to an hour before, cos these queues are cray), you can get down with the best of them for a real-ass doughnut party only your gluten-intolerant tummy will regret.

AND, it’s only $2 for admission.

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