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Things to do in Ginza #73: sip in the shadow of literary greats at Lupin

101 things to do in Ginza

Tokyo’s centre of luxury can be a little intimidating – not so with our behind-the-scenes guide to Ginza’s symbols and secrets

By Time Out Tokyo Editors

Ginza has a reputation of not being the friendliest neighbourhood for first-time visitors, but it can also be highly addictive once you get a hang of it. With 101 things to do in Ginza, we reveal another side of Tokyo’s centre of luxury, as we forgo the obvious boutiques and exorbitantly priced restaurants in favour of spots like the café where John and Yoko once sat down for tea, the birthplace of katsu curry, a vintage apartment building turned into a collection of galleries, and the luckiest (possibly) lottery stand in town. And if you're looking for more specific things to do, check out our full Tokyo shopping guide, picks of the best sushi restaurants, or top outdoor dining spots.


Shop for your Sunday best...

Shopping Ginza
This esteemed speciality store holds pride of place on a corner in Ginza 4-chome, its grand facade, complete with clock tower, being something of a landmark. Inside, the quiet halls open up onto shops filled with exclusive watches, jewellery, men's and women's fashion, and food products. Wako

Enjoy a coffee original...

Restaurants Cafés Ginza
This café opened in 1936 with the aim of spreading coffee more widely among the public. Enter the nostalgia-packed place through the pivot door, then sit back and enjoy a cuppa that’s carefully brewed using a flannel filter, along with home-made apple pie and éclairs. Tricolore Honten

Add soul to your tablewear...

Shopping Ginza

Refined womenswear brand Epoca The Shop opened this store, extending their eye for detail into the world of pottery, choosing items that convey a soulful expression from the artists. They also stock lacquerware and glassware. Nichi-Nichi (Epoca The Shop)


Learn how to buy art...

Art Higashi-Ginza

From past masters to promising newcomers, this gallery offers a wide range of inspiring art at its frequently rotating exhibits. Collectors will appreciate their appraisal and purchase guidance services. Gallery Seizan


Visit Okinawa without leaving Tokyo...

Shopping Ginza
As an Okinawan ‘antenna shop’, Washita spreads the region’s local specialties to the rest of Japan, focusing on foods and crafts that are hard to come by in Tokyo. (Sidenote: Ginza is home to antenna shops representing almost all of Japan’s 47 prefectures.) Washita Shop

Shake up your happy hour...

Bars and pubs Cocktail bars Ginza

Watch the flamboyant cocktail-creating performance of Mr Hard Shake, or Kazuo Ueda, the most famous bartender in Japan whose award-winning drinks have even found acclaim in the World Bartender Champs. Tender


Go for a fruity parfait...

Restaurants Ginza
Opened in 1902, this spot was a pioneer in Western-style cuisine – they began serving sodas and ice cream before these items became common. Patrons look forward to the monthly dessert specials made with seasonal fruits, while the ice cream sodas from the old days and the classic interior are both a massive draw. Shiseido Parlour (Salon de Café)

Pick out a necktie...

Shopping Ginza
Founded in 1905, this menswear store stocks a total of 1,000 nifty neckties, machine woven at the company’s workshop and featuring designs unique to Japan such as a Mt Fuji motif. Taya

Visit Japan's first modern art gallery...

Art Ginza
Dubbed ‘the first modern art gallery in Japan’, Tokyo Gallery focuses on Japanese, Chinese and Korean artists, and also features a number of mono-ha (an art movement from the ’60s and ’70s) artists such as Lee Ufan, Kishio Suga and Koji Enokura. Tokyo Gallery

Sweeten up with traditional treats...

Shopping Ginza
Since the end of WWII, this Japanese-style confectionery store has been making the world a yummier place with treats like okaki (baked or fried rice cakes), yokan (azuki bean jelly) and daifuku (rice cakes stuffed with azuki bean paste). Ginza Akebono

Find your stationery bliss...

Shopping Ginza
If you just can’t get enough of stationery, this store is your happy place. The main building, which is scheduled to relocate in summer 2015, sells everyday stationery and Japanese calligraphy goods, while the annex building (K.Itoya) sells fountain pens, art tools, globes and so on, and also offers a picture-framing service. Itoya

Snack on the best tempura...

Restaurants Tempura Ginza
Arguably Tokyo’s most famous tempura restaurant, Ten-ichi serves utterly delicious tempura in a tranquil setting. The most decadent full-course meal includes 14 tempuras accompanied by sashimi, salad, rice and even a spot of dessert. Ten-ichi

Take an arty public bath...

Things to do Ginza
This old-school sento boasts a high ceiling and spectacular Mt Fuji murals by Morio Nakajima, one of Japan’s leading public-bath painters. Also look out for the pretty images of koi carp adorning the Kutani-ware porcelain tiles. Komparu-yu

Paint with brushes made in Japan...

Shopping Ginza

Named after husband and wife poets Tekkan and Akiko Yosano, this art supply store, which opened its doors in 1917, sells its own original products including paints, brushes and pencils. Pop down to the basement floor for the gallery and café. Gekkoso


Get your Apple fix...

Shopping Ginza
The first dedicated Apple store in Japan, this store doubles as a location for both sales and tech support, and holds free product demonstrations, workshops, and special events with noted artists. Apple Store Ginza

Raise your glass...

Bars and pubs Beer hall Ginza
First opened back in the 1930s, this faux-Bavarian beer hall is something of a Ginza institution, with tourists flocking to try the sausages and Sapporo beer from early in the day. Look out for the wagon carrying superb roast beef. Lion Beer Hall

Keep up to date with tech...

Shopping Ginza
Sony shows off its latest inventions in the impressive showroom and events hall, where free exhibitions are held for tech geeks. Imported models are duty-free on the 'tourist floor'. Also, the Sony Imaging Gallery opened in July 2014 and lets you view works and videos managed by Sony. Sony Building

Give a traditional gift...

Restaurants Tea rooms Ginza
A shop and tea salon offering traditional Japanese sweets with a modern twist. These mini works of art work well as gifts – ask for a pairing with one of the lacquerware dishes on offer. Higashiya Ginza

Apply make-up like a pro...

Shopping Ginza
The craft of brush making has been passed down in Kumano, Hiroshima for about 180 years, and this store sells the area’s unique writing, drawing and make-up brushes. The latter is a hot trend among celeb make-up artists. Kumanofude Select Shop Ginza

Sip on Brazilian coffee...

Restaurants Coffeeshops Ginza
At this Brazilian-themed spot, the all-natural beans are imported directly from Brazil, keeping blend coffee prices down to ¥510, a bargain for the area. Café Paulista

Buy your dream model train...

Shopping Ginza
People come from around the world for the exclusive, detailed model trains found here. They have all types, including miniature cars, and also stock a range of luxury watches and jewellery on the side. Tenshodo

Gaze at acclaimed modern art...

Art Ginza
Tokyo’s contemporary art scene has its roots in Ginza and this gallery is renowned as one of the leading exhibitors of conceptual modern art, featuring artists such as Hiroshi Sugimoto, Rei Naito, Ryoji Ikeda, Sophie Calle and Thomas Ruff. Koyanagi Gallery

Order a custom-made kimono...

Shopping Ginza
You know you’re in good hands when a shop has been going since 1775. Echigoya provides the right kimono for any occasion, budget or personality, and takes about a month to complete your order (although the obi, or belts, may take up to two months). Ginza Echigoya

Treat your tastebuds to Wagyu...

Restaurants Grills Kyobashi
Run by the folks behind the classic Tsubame Grill, this restaurant offers superb Wagyu beef. Choose the Akami Kainiku Grill (‘Lean Meat Grill’) and you can order specific cuts for just ¥1,250 (100g). They also have a great selection of wines and German beer. Tsubameya

Collect cameras and other stuff...

Shopping Ginza
A kind of hobby shop for adults, this store offers a huge selection of both imported and Japanese cameras, new and secondhand. Collectors of things like fountain pens, clocks and model railroads will also find plenty to keep them occupied. Lemonsha

Try your luck...

Things to do Yurakucho

Putting a lottery stand next to a statue of Daikoku, the god of good harvest, is not a bad idea. As it turns out, this particular stand, at the central exit of Yurakucho Station, has produced an unusually large amount of winning tickets. Yurakucho Daikokuten


Run in style...

Shopping Ginza

Style and sport come together at this urban lifestyle shop that sells both casualwear and running gear. Best of all it has a running station with recommended routes, lockers and a shower room. En Route Ginza


Stop for a croquette...

Shopping Higashi-Ginza

Choushiya claims to have created the original Japanese croquette. Founded in 1927, it still attracts queues of hungry office workers at lunchtime and, besides its famous croquettes, it also offers sandwiches and ham cutlets on request. Choushiya


Experiment with sushi styles...

Restaurants Sushi Ginza

In 1993, Toshikatsu Aoki Jr took over from his father as sushi chef at this vibrant restaurant and, while he upholds his family’s culinary traditions, he is also always putting new spins on Edo-style sushi. Sushi Aoki


Bag a leather purse…

Shopping Ginza

The owner of this leather bag store, founded in 1874, is credited with devising the kanji character for ‘bag’ and is known for quality craftsmanship that’ll make you go ‘ooh’. Ginza Tanizawa


Pray for luck and love...

Things to do Ginza

In a cranny between the skyscrapers, this statue of the god Inari stands on silent watch, attracting entertainers hoping for the blessing of success as well as people hoping for luck in love and marriage. Toyoiwa Inari Shrine

博品館 トイパーク

Enter toy heaven...

Shopping Ginza
Immerse yourself in four storeys full of Japan’s favourite toys, including stuffed animals, games and character merchandise. The shop stocks a grand total of around 200,000 items. Hakuhinkan

Nibble on northern noodles...

Restaurants Soba Ginza

It may look like a simple soba shop, but it's frequented by foodies who come to sample the local cuisine of Yamagata that's sold here. The restaurant uses buckwheat flour from Yamagata in their soba noodles, with the most popular item being the 'tori soba': soba and broth served with chicken meat. Yamagatada


Find your perfect fit...

Shopping Ginza

Struggling to find shoe sizes that fit? This women’s footwear store stocks sizes up to 26cm, and expert staff will measure and customise until your feet finally find their perfect made-in-Japan shoe match. Ginza Kanematsu


Act out your vampire fantasies...

Restaurants Ginza

Imagine Dracula invited you round for dinner – this is the kind of setting you can expect at Vampire Cafe, with its chandeliers, blood-red velvet curtains, and themed rooms like ‘Count Dracula’s Coffin’ and ‘St George’s Altar’. The cuisine is equally creative. Ginza Restaurant Vampire Cafe


Go on a shopping expedition...

Shopping Ginza
Besides being one of Ginza’s leading high-end and historic department stores, Matsuya also offers lifestyle goods by local and international designers on the 7th floor as well as a fine collection of Japanese sake and foreign beers on the basement floor. Matsuya Ginza

Decorate with ukiyo-e art...

Shopping Ginza
Starting out as an ukiyo-e woodcut-print publisher and dealer, this store now sells ukiyo-e prints by the likes of Hiroshige and Hokusai, along with contemporary prints by artists such as Hasui Kawase. S.Watanabe Color Print Co.

Down highballs in a retro pub...

Bars and pubs Izakaya Ginza
This Showa era-style standing izakaya in Ginza Corridor-gai was the first place in Japan to introduce a highball server. They also have a diverse selection of beer, sake, shochu and wine, and their kushiyaki (grilled skewers) come highly recommended. Marugin

Satisfy your sweet tooth...

Shopping Gifts and souvenirs Ginza

Try the speciality sweet Kuya Monaka, made of a crunchy outer shell that’s filled with home-made azuki bean paste. If they’re sold out (usually you need to reserve your order), the seasonal Japanese sweets on offer are also a treat. Kuya


Look stylish, feel comfy...

Shopping Ginza

A clothing store that emphasises the Japanese tradition of producing durable, comfortable fashion. The interior is modelled on an antique shop, so even just browsing is a pleasurable experience. 45R


Toast the magic of vinyl...

Nightlife Late-night bars Ginza

Run by music producer Shinichi Osawa, this bar boasts a collection of over 3,000 records, from classics to contemporary hits, and employs top quality sound equipment to fill your night with aural pleasure. Ginza Music Bar


Add a hint of vintage to your look...

Shopping Yurakucho

Pick up interesting Japanese antiques and curios that have survived through the ages, including things like beautifully crafted pipe cases and ornamental hairpins and accessories. Find it on the 1st floor of the Ginza 5 shopping mall. Yukari-antiques


Taste time-honoured Indian cuisine...

Restaurants Indian Higashi-Ginza
Nair’s Restaurant continues to produce Indian cuisine made from the same recipes used by its founder, Ayappan Pillai Mhadavan Nair, when it opened in 1949. Most of the regulars opt for the restaurant’s famous Murugi Lunch. Nair's Restaurant

Bite into a sweet roll...

Shopping Ginza
Known as the inventor of anpan (a sweet roll filled with azuki bean paste), this shop offers this confection in a variety of flavours, along with different styles of bread. Head upstairs for the café and up another flight for Restaurant Kimuraya. Ginza Kimuraya

Pop in for a sake tasting...

Shopping Kyobashi
Stop by this liquor store for a quick (and reasonably priced) sake or wine tasting, paired with cheese and other appetisers. If you’re looking to buy, they have 200 types of both sake and shochu, and 300 types of wine to choose from. Ginza Kimijimaya

Kit out your kids...

Shopping Ginza
For the ultimate Tokyo children’s clothing shopping experience, visit Ginza Sayegusa, the authority on styles for young 'uns since 1869. Housed in a four-storey Tudor-style building, this venerable establishment offers top-of-the-range goods and a made-to-order clothing service. Ginza Sayegusa

Adorn your nails with Hello Kitty...

Shopping Yurakucho
The flagship store of Sanrio, the company that brought Hello Kitty to life, sells all kinds of character-related items; you can even get ‘animated’ nail art done at the salon (reservations recommended, extra fees apply). Sanrio World Ginza

Invest in impressive souvenirs...

Shopping Ginza
You know you're doing something right when the Imperial Household is on your client list. These specialists in shippo (traditional Japanese cloisonné) are renowned for the magnificent translucent colours of their brooches, vases and other products. Ando Cloisonne

Remember a cutlet pioneer...

Restaurants Tonkatsu Higashi-Ginza

Tonkatsu or pork cutlet may not be what Japanese cuisine is best known for, but it sure is pretty damn tasty. Nobukatsu Shibuya had a huge impact on how the dish is thought of and eaten today, so paying gourmet tributes at the shop he founded in 1927 feels appropriate. Ginza Bairin


View diverse design...

Art Ginza
Formed with the intention of creating a Japanese design community that invites designers, architects and critics alike to enjoy diverse exhibitions, Design Gallery 1953 showcases works by the likes of Naoto Fukasawa, Kenya Hara and Taku Satoh. Design Gallery 1953
Kissa You | Time Out Tokyo

Slice into omurice...

Restaurants Higashi-Ginza
Just near Kabuki-za theatre, this restaurant draws in lunchtime crowds with its fluffy omurice (omelette with fried rice). The dish takes a little time to prepare but it’s worth the wait. You

Upgrade your pencil set...

Shopping Ginza
This specialist pencil and ballpoint pen shop – tucked away on a back street – is jam-packed with new and retro-styled stationery. If you’re looking for a gift, go for the lacquered pencils, made using traditional techniques. Gojuon

Have a fruity dessert...

Restaurants Cafés Ginza

Founded in 1894, this fruit dealer offers only the highest quality seasonal wares and is particularly famed for its delicious Ginza Parfait, served at its Fruit Parlor. Ginza Sembikiya


Finish your look with a hat...

Shopping Ginza

With a selection of original and curated hats from stores like Borsalino and Christie’s, this millinery shop, which has been around since 1917, will surely bring you to the end of your hat hunt. Look for the chic Woven Roller Panama. Toraya Hat Shop


Upgrade your hanky...

Shopping Ginza
Founded as a tabi (socks) shop right across from the Kabuki-za, Oonoya still deals in traditional footwear, in addition to classy accessories like tenugui handkerchiefs. These beauties, decorated with the shop's original motifs, make for perfect souvenirs. Ginza Oonoya

Fill up on katsu curry...

Restaurants Ginza

Founded shortly after WWII, this restaurant is credited with inventing katsu curry, a popular dish in Japan consisting of breaded, deep-fried pork or chicken cutlets placed on top of curry rice. Ginza Swiss


Buy blooms from around Japan...

Shopping Florists Ginza

Unlike conventional flower shops, this one primarily stocks wild grass. The seasonal plants and blooms they stock may be simple, but they're sourced from all over Japan and hold a certain charm. Nonohana Tsukasa


See history preserved...

Things to do Shiodome

A remnant of the freight trains that ran between Shiodome Station and Tsukijishijo Station from 1931 to 1987, this railway crossing signal was preserved at the behest of residents after the railway itself was closed. The ruins of Hamarikyu-mae Railway Crossing


Eat like an Edoite...

Shopping Ginza

Mikawaya specialises in the kind of food that any commoner from old Edo would recognise. Pickles and other vegetables dominate the selection, but don't forget the Irizake – a slightly sour form of seasoning that's supposed to combine nicely with roast beef. Edo Slowfood Mikawaya


Delve into a designers' market...

Shopping Ginza
Designed to express 'beautiful chaos', Ginza's Dover Street Market concept shop is a multi-brand department store teeming with one-off collaborations. Dover Street Market Ginza

Sip on organic cocktails...

Bars and pubs Cocktail bars Ginza

Owner and bartender Toshiyuki Kamiki once worked at an agricultural cooperative so he’s particular about the fruit and veggies he uses in his cocktails – they all meet the Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) for organic foods. You can taste the difference. Bar Yu-Nagi


Live like the Lennons...

Restaurants Cafés Higashi-Ginza
Café Kinohana's main claim to fame is that it was once visited by John Lennon and Yoko Ono – the couple's autographs are prominently displayed inside. If you're looking to follow in their footsteps, know that John had some Colombian coffee and Yoko downed a cup of Darjeeling. Flor de Café Kinohana

See the show go on and on...

Theatre Performing arts space Ginza

Ginza's one and only 'show restaurant' puts on a colourful parade of both cross-dressing and straight dancers, all delivering memorable performances. You'll get the gist even with zero Japanese ability. Show the Konparu

Akomeya Tokyo Marunouchi

Study the art of rice...

Shopping Specialist food and drink Ginza
As Japan’s staple carb, it’s not surprising rice has an entire shop and restaurant dedicated to it. The former is particularly impressive, stocking a seemingly endless selection of items, including a variety of grains and paraphernalia. Akomeya Tokyo
Café de l'Ambre

Devote yourself to Joe...

Restaurants Coffeeshops Ginza
'Coffee Only' reads the sign outside Café de l'Ambre, which has been keeping the Ginza hordes well caffeinated since 1948. Remarkably, it's still run by the same man – centenarian Ichiro Sekiguchi, who makes no compromises when it comes to brew. Café de l'Ambre

Wow that special someone...

Restaurants Eclectic Ginza
If you're looking to wine and dine your date at a romantic spot, this restaurant fits the bill. The wine cellar has 2,000-plus bottles of wine stacked up to the ceiling, the lights are Swarovski-crystal encrusted, and the food is beautifully presented and served from an open kitchen. It's a pure delight from start to finish. Dazzle
Hooters Ginza | Time Out Tokyo

Keep your eyes in check...

Restaurants American Shinbashi
Believe it or not, Hooters isn't just about the spunky waitresses. The Ginza outpost's spicy chicken wings combine nicely with a brew, and sports fans often gather here to watch big matches. Hooters Ginza

Get better beach sandals...

Shopping Ginza

Making you forget all about shoddy flip-flops, Yoitaya specialises in artisanally crafted, traditional geta and zori sandals that can be adjusted to fit the shape of your foot and are guaranteed to up your Edo cred. Ginza Yoitaya


Conduct with a cocktail...

Bars and pubs Wineries Ginza
Model railways: they're just child's play, right? Not at Bar Ginza Panorama, a watering hole for train spotters who prefer their vehicles miniaturised. Sipping on a 'railroad cocktail' while you watch a model train speed by – how much geekier can it get? Some of the staff speak English. Bar Ginza Panorama

Fill up your wardrobe...

Shopping Ginza
The largest Uniqlo branch in Japan, the 'fast fashion' empire's global flagship sprawls across 12 floors and carries just about any kind of clothing you could ask for. There's a tax-free counter on the premises. Uniqlo Ginza

Discover a whole new you...

Shopping Ginza
Housing everything from a hair salon to a skincare counselling lounge and a 'Beauty Marche' cosmetic product zone, Shiseido's flagship complex fulfils any and all cosmetic needs. They offer make-up lessons, have a photo studio, and sell a world-famous lineup of beautifiers, too. Shiseido The Ginza

Combine history and bourbon...

Bars and pubs Ginza
Since opening in 1928, this bar has been frequented by Japan’s leading writers such as Kyoka Izumi and Kan Kikuchi. The interior retains hints of the Showa period and features photos of the literary clientele. Lupin, Ginza

Have a culinary flashback...

Restaurants Ginza
With a history dating back to the 1950s, New Castle's 'karai rice' (a kind of curry over rice) is not just about the spiciness. The thick pork stock is accented with ample veg and fruit, and reportedly tastes just like it did back in the heyday of the Showa era. New Castle

Take a booze tour of Japan...

Bars and pubs Higashi-Ginza

Sip your way around Japan with nihonshu, shochu, beer and wine from every corner of the country, but be careful not to overdo it – this tiny standing-only bar doesn't really allow for drunken slacking. Kunizake-ya

とらや 銀座

Feel five centuries of tradition...

Shopping Gifts and souvenirs Ginza

Ginza is full of shops with notable histories, but Toraya stands out even among such stiff competition: they've been making traditional Japanese confections since early 16th century – more than enough time to perfect the recipes. Toraya Ginza


Fly to meat paradise...

Restaurants Shabu-shabu Ginza

The beauty of melt-in-your-mouth wagyu is on full display at this carnivore heaven specialising in sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. High rollers might want to book a private room complete with on-site cooking service. Ginza Yoshizawa


Trace the origins of 'yoshoku'...

Restaurants Omurice Ginza
One of the first restaurants in Japan to serve locally adapted 'Western' cuisine, Rengatei regularly attracts queues of gourmands aching to taste some omelette over rice, crispy pork cutlet or deep-fried oysters. Rengatei

Upgrade your chopsticks...

Shopping Ginza
Featuring over 2,500 kinds of top quality chopsticks made from natural wood sourced from all over Japan and lacquered with non-chemical Japanese urushi, this store both curates and creates its products, which also include chopstick rests and goods for kids. Ginza Natsuno

Choose the fanciest fusion...

Restaurants Ginza
In Ginza, even 'yoshoku' (Western-style cuisine) is luxurious. It gets the gourmet treatment here, with the beef stew and the Japanese tiger prawn au gratin being two of the highlights. Lunch sets start at ¥4,800. Gin-En-Tei

Stay on the righteous path of ramen...

Restaurants Ramen Ginza
Loved by locals for more than half a century, the ramen here treads the path of tradition with soy sauce-based soup and medium-thick noodles. Those looking for variety will enjoy the takenoko-soba ('bamboo shoot noodles'). Kyoraku

Descend into a warped world...

Art Galleries Ginza
Found in a nondescript basement, this gallery moved to its current spot in 2013 and hosts unique exhibits including erotic (think 'love doll' displays), avant-garde and gothic style paintings, photos and cartoons – a lineup quite unlike anywhere else. Also hosts regular events. Vanilla Gallery

Savour timeless treats...

Restaurants Cafés Ginza
Japanese confectionery and café Ginza Wakamatsu has been in business for well over 100 years and continues to attract sweets lovers with its classic anmitsu, a combo of jelly, sweet bean paste, fruit and syrup. Ginza Wakamatsu

Smell incense fit for an emperor...

Shopping Gifts and souvenirs Ginza
Founded in Kyoto back in 1663 and run by the same family ever since, stationery maker Kyukyodo has been providing incense to the Imperial Court since the Edo period. Having undergone only minimal changes since those days, their wares make for gorgeous gifts. Kyukyodo

Acquire a modern kimono...

Shopping Ginza
Striving to create kimonos fit for 21st-century streets, these innovators are extremely selective when it comes to fabric, using only the newest, fully domestic silk. Stroll the streets of Ginza in one of their creations and you'll be sure to turn heads. Motoji
Heart Bread Antique | Time Out Tokyo

Munch on a sugary treat...

Restaurants Bakeries Ginza
Beginning with the doorknob, this shrine to doughnuts employs round shapes extremely liberally, making for a shop that looks like something Alice could have found down the rabbithole. Don't miss out on the Magical Choco Ring, their signature treat. Heart Bread Antique

Pretend you're a kabuki star...

Shopping Higashi-Ginza

Looking for a touch of traditional class? Dress up in authentic kabuki garb and have your picture taken, or rent a kimono for a stroll around Ginza. Studio-Alice Kabuki Photo Studio


Visit a piece of retail history...

Shopping Ginza
Established in 1673 and now a recognisable landmark in the area, Ginza Mitsukoshi is one of the oldest department stores in Japan. The bronze lions guarding the entrance are a popular meeting spot. Ginza Mitsukoshi

Hug a tiny tree...

Shopping Ginza

Fans of miniature trees will have a field day marvelling at Uchikuan's bonsai selection, which ranges from palm-sized specimens to centuries-old masterpieces. The shop also carries a wide range of bonsai books and growing equipment. Ginza Uchikuan


Bet on a bitter kick...

Restaurants Cafés Ginza
Green tea like you've never had it before – the 'ocha-presso' at this shop/café is a superb espresso version of traditional green tea. Take time to browse the rest of the extensive leaf selection as well. Uogashi-Meicha Cha Ginza

Feast on fowl...

Restaurants Yakitori Ginza
An enduring carnivores' favourite, Bird Land cuts up branded chicken from Ibaraki in every way imaginable, serving up fine fowl in skewered, grilled, pâté-ed and boiled form. The wine and sake lists are worth exploring, too. Bird Land Ginza
Ginza Matsuzaki Senbei | Time Out Tokyo

Bite into a venerable cracker...

Shopping Gifts and souvenirs Ginza

Tile-shaped Japanese cookies with pretty seasonal designs and 'Japanese-style pancakes' served at the second-floor café are some of the highlights at this venerable snack shop that's been in business for over two centuries. Ginza Matsuzaki Senbei


Appreciate art in stylish surroundings...

Art Ginza
Now home to around 20 art galleries, these 1930s apartments were once some of the most luxurious abodes in the neighbourhood. When visiting, make sure to check out the retro tiled exterior and Ginza's oldest manually operated lift. Okuno Building

Find the finest folk crafts...

Shopping Home decor Ginza
Emphasising the 'beauty of everyday use', Takumi specialises in folk crafts from Japan, the rest of Asia and Latin America. If it's a unique souvenir you're after, this should be your stop. Ginza Takumi

Appraise offbeat sushi offerings...

Restaurants Ginza
There aren't many sushi shops that boast their own in-house 'vegetable sommelier', but Aoki doesn't aspire to be ordinary. Conventional nigiri line up next to vegetarian varieties, made from the finest seasonal produce, while choices like bagna càuda and wagyu skewers add to the fusion symphony. Sushi & Vege Japanese Cuisine Aoki Ginza

Browse time-honoured treasures...

Shopping Vintage shops Ginza

Need a vintage kimono or some collectable cups? You'll be sure to find whatever antiques you're after at this two-floor mall packed with quirky shops and stalls. Antique Mall Ginza


Stretch your jaw...

Restaurants Cafés Higashi-Ginza
'American size' isn't just a marketing trick here – these huge, hearty sandwiches are available for take-out and will satisfy even the most ravenous of eaters. The egg version is their most popular offering. American

Have curry with your chicken...

Restaurants Yakitori Ginza

‘Would you like dorai kare [curried rice] with that?’ the staff invariably ask customers when they place their first order at this upscale yakitori restaurant in Ginza. Trust us: just say yes. Ginza Torishige


Gulp a green drink...

Restaurants Juice bars Ginza

Aojiru ('green juice'), the kale-based nutritional drink famed for its bitterness, is the only thing on sale at this retro shop boasting a dedicated, predictably healthy following. Ginza Aojiru Stand


Sip whisky with the ladies...

Bars and pubs Ginza

Named after Suntory's famed single malt, this elegant bar draws patrons both with its refined atmosphere and its all-female staff, who really know their way around the selection. Ginza Yamazaki


Catch a kabuki play...

Theatre Higashi-Ginza
First built in 1889 and beautifully restored in 2013, the Kabuki-za is an iconic symbol of Ginza, combining the tradition of kabuki with state-of-the-art viewing aids (extra fees apply). Kabuki-za Theatre

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