The 50 best brunch places in NYC: Brooklyn

Find the best brunch and breakfast spots in Kings County

Photograph: Jolie Ruben
Chicken and Waffles at Sweet Chick

Brooklyn is booming. New restaurants are stepping out of Manhattan’s shadow and coming into their own in New York’s biggest borough. From old-school diners, cafés, bistros and more, these eateries bring in both the neighborhood crowds and the bridge-and-tunnel folks alike. Try lemon-ricotta pancakes at Littleneck, Bloody Marys at Enid’s or the bacon brunch at Sage General Store. Whatever your hankering, check out our list of the best brunch spots in Brooklyn or view them on a map.

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The best spots for brunch in Brooklyn


Nestled in a quiet corner of Clinton Hill, Aita is a respite for neighborhood denizens looking to catch up in cozy environs, snuggling up against fellow brunchers at the restaurant’s long window benches or bar. Dotting the primarily Italian menu are frittatas and spaghetti, as well as more intriguing options—salmon hash with polenta, scallion, bacon and a fried egg, for instance. Some staples dazzle outright: The blueberry buttermilk pancakes with ricotta lemon cream are lovely to look at, and even better to eat.
—Matthew Love

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Clinton Hill


The menu at this Williamsburg gastropub changes daily, but luckily for all you indecisive brunchers out there, its Tumblr 
( gets updated every morning. Expect a frittata with seasonal fixins (ours recently came with the winning combo of marjoram, mushrooms, kale and ricotta), a gut-busting egg sandwich with homemade fries, and some picks straight outta left field. For a real eye-opener, try the Cowboy Coffee, a bracing mix of bourbon, iced coffee and cream.—Marley Lynch

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You know this place is cool because it offers a Kimye-themed menu for Valentine’s Day. But patrons come to this Cobble Hill eatery year-round for an Italian take on brunch. The friendly staff serves mouthwatering dishes such as a pork-belly sandwich with a fried egg; grits-style polenta with meatballs; and fried eggs over ragù, risotto and Borlotti beans. The short stools can sometimes be a bit awkward to sit on, but overall you’ll want to re-create the cute decor, including the ceiling fans made from welded-together personal fans and the cartoony world-map wallpaper, at home.—Tazi Phillips

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Cobble Hill

Buttermilk Channel

Since launching in late 2008 on Carroll Gardens’ busy Court Street and elbowing its way to the front of the pack (winning Time Out’s 2009 Readers’ Choice Award for Best New Brooklyn Restaurant), Doug Crowell and Ryan Angulo’s comfort foodery has become an essential. For brunch, sample the top-notch fried chicken (crispy, spicy, succulent, all the good things) along with several killer variations on the Bloody Mary, one garnished with antipasti from nearby Caputo’s. If you try to beat the rush, you’ll still have to compete for ear space with the young families and kids of the neighborhood, but the din is worth it.—Joshua Rothkopf

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Carroll Gardens

Café Luluc

Pancakes. There are, of course, other delights to be found at this cute Cobble Hill café on Smith Street—the pretty French interior makes it the perfect spot for leafing through the Sunday papers with your one and only, and there are magazines galore to choose from. Plus, the service is good, and the french fries are excellent. But really, Luluc’s pancakes are the jewel in its brunch crown: soft and super fluffy on the inside, just a little bit crispy on the outside and 100 percent delicious.—Sophie Harris

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Carroll Gardens


Serving classic New Orleans dishes, Catfish is a true Crown Heights gem. At this cozy hideaway, you can savor bona fide Southern dishes like spicy, flavorful jambalaya or shrimp and grits. Enjoy a strong spring cocktail on the outdoor patio, like the Lady Laveu, a refreshing, flavorful mix of absinthe, St. Germain and cucumber lemonade. But be warned—alcohol isn’t served until noon. Until then, there’s no shortage of delectable eats.—Evelyn Derico

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Crown Heights

Char No. 4

Southern dishes—and hospitality—are the norm at this Cobble Hill joint serving biscuits Benedict with smoked ham and sausage gravy, buttermilk pancakes with apples, and BBQ brisket hash to early (and not-so-early) risers. Whiskey is the house specialty, so make sure to try the chipotle-bourbon Bloody Mary or the whiskey milk fizz (Jack Daniel’s, cream, mample syrup, Amaretto and nutmeg).
—Cristina Alonso

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Carroll Gardens

Court Street Grocers

Two words: Breakfast. Sandwiches. A bacon-egg-and-cheese on a roll is a Saturday late-morning standby, but the righteous brunchtime subs at this beloved Carroll Gardens market-café are a welcome upgrade from that bodega classic. We’re talking Balthazar ciabatta loaded with scrambled eggs, salty Cabot cheddar and arugula, or a Taylor pork roll with American cheese on a Martin’s potato bun, delivered straight to the cozy dining room. And a New York brunch isn’t complete without bagels: Here they’re hand-rolled by Park Slope’s Bagel Hole and jacked with Acme whitefish, Samaki organic lox and Ben’s cream cheese.—Christina Izzo

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Red Hook


Expect this neighborhood favorite, conveniently located one block from Prospect Park, to be packed to capacity any time the sun’s shining. Its classic brunch foods—hearty omelettes, enormous waffles, a mouth-watering take on eggs Benedict with chorizo and ancho-lime hollandaise sauce—are worth the wait, and the minimuffins handed to waiting diners should keep even the hungriest customer going until a table opens up. One word of advice: If you’re dining outside, sit as far from the little kiddy ride in the corner as you can, unless you want “It’s a Small World” to play relentlessly in your head all afternoon.—Nick Leftley

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Park Slope


This Southern-accented breakfast-only abode has no parallel in Billyburg or beyond—which means you can expect a bit of a wait to get seated. Once you do get in, perch on mismatched chairs at a paper-covered table (crayons are provided), wake up at a leisurely speed to the old-time folk music on the sound system, and scarf down a cheap meal that may include eggs Rothko (a slice of brioche with a hole in the middle that accommodates a sunny-side-up egg, all of which is covered with sharp cheddar) or a terrific country-ham biscuit sandwich. If you must have dessert at breakfast, finish with a bowl of caramelized grapefruit and mint.

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