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The best restaurants and cafes in Thonglor

We count down the best places to eat in Thonglor

Sushi, tapas or softserve ice cream – Thonglor is utopia for the gastrophile offering a myriad of dining venues from cozy cafes to high-end restaurants to open-all-night street stalls. Stop by Nirai-Kanai for authentic Okinawan cuisine or try homestyle Thai recipes at Khua Kling Pak SodFor dessert  Tokyo Cream Café is a paradise of delightful ice cream. 

The best restaurants and cafes in Thonglor

Nirai Kanai

Among many Japanese restaurants in Bangkok, Nirai Kanai is unique for its Okinawa style that brings the beach atmosphere from the southern islands of Japan to our Bangkok city as if you can feel sea breeze just when you enter the restaurant. Nirai Kanai means heaven of happiness and it is a famous chain restaurant that has a lot of branches in Tokyo; moreover, there are two branches in Bangkok: at Sukhumvit 26 and Thonglor 11 where we are talking about (and this place is our team’s favorite meeting point too). Beside the Okinawa’s decorating style, the plenty of menus you can choose here are authentic Okinawa way of cooking. Try their traditional Okinawa food and don’t miss Okinawan braised pork belly that will melt in your mouth from hours of braising. If you want to taste the real taste of Okinawa, you need to try Kumesen, Soju and soda water mixed with orange juice or other Japanese alcoholic drinks to pair with your food. On Friday and Saturday night, you will get to enjoy Nirai Kanai more because of the live music from shamisen, local Okinawan musical instrument accompanying your delicious meal and bringing you to the heaven as its name suggests. 


Chew N’ Brew

Set in a turquoise-colored, two-story house, Chew N’ Brew is dressed up in a journey-inspired theme, featuring accessories like a globe, sailboats, notebooks, helms and treasure chests. A world map is painted on the wall where clocks depicting different time zones are hung. Classic cameras are displayed on one side of the bar. But the real highlight is the bevy of black hats hanging from the ceiling, which make this place stand out even more. 


Khua Kling + Pak Sod

The family-run Khua Kling + Pak Sod offers traditional southern Thai home cooking in a pleasant ambience.


Marie Guimar

Inspired by Marie Guimar or Thao Thong Kip Ma, a notable Japanese-Portuguese chef who invented Thai desserts during the Ayutthaya period, this restaurant serves you original Southeast Asian tastes and delicious desserts that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. (There are a number of delicacies whose names you probably never heard of.) The team behind 4 Garҫons combines food from the neighboring countries with tasty Thai food. The desserts are the real stars here. Diners always ask for the pla grim kai tao or rice flour strings in coconut cream, which is quite rare these days. Another dish to try is bua loy sam see or three-color rice flour balls in coconut milk served with poached egg (sounds a bit weird but that’s surely a sign of awesomeness, right?) Or perhaps, opt for the Marie Guimar tart, a treat that combines Eastern and Western tastes.


Tokyo Cream Cafe

The homemade ice cream at Tokyo Cream Cafe are so good that it is an excuse to have one (or more) of their ice creams a day. Enjoy mixing the waffle cones and homemade toppings to find your perfect combination. They also serve quality coffee that blends well with soft-served ice cream for a milky iced coffee.  


Sweet Monster

Offer the soft serve ice cream with toppings, Sweet Monster is franchised from Korea to please the nation with this thick creamy ice cream with 75% milk! Their signature topping, caramel popcorn, is popped in a very special process to keep the corn crispy in the ice cream. Refreshing drink options are also available; flavored italian soda and chocolatey milkshakes.  



From not so many Spanish cuisines in Bangkok, we can assume that they are not as popular as other international restaurants, and that makes it so hard to find an original Spanish taste. So Santiago Codina Ylla, the founder of Hola, had an idea to start a restaurant and introduce traditional dishes to Thai people. Hola means greeting, or simply                                                                                             hello in Spanish and as its name suggests, he aims this restaurant to be like a great gathering place for family and friends. The welcoming interior makes us feel like sitting in a living room. On the wall, many Spanish footballers’ autograph are hanged (some of them are his friends, cool!). When there is a big match, Hola becomes so crowded from Spanish cheering. Catalan chef Marc Font is not your average chef because he was trained by Joan Roca from El Celler de Can Roca, a three-star Michelin restaurant and a Catalan cuisine expert, Jovani, and became a chef in many restaurants and hotels before moving here. So food here is various and all tastes original. You’d start with their appetizer or just landing Spain with Iberico Ham Jabugo, the best and most expansive ham in the world (one of everyone’s food bucket list). They also recommend Shrimp with Garlic served in a tiny hot pan which goes very well with bread. You know a Spanish meal will never be completed without Paella and it comes in many tastes and sizes for you to pick. Wrap it up with


Food Stop

Having the sausage alone--grilled with the heat till it crispy on the outside and soft from the inside--is already flavorful, but enjoying it with remoulade sauce, crispy fried shallots and pickles will make it even more perfect. For Thai palate, opt for zaab dog—Thai style hot dog that comes with Jaew (Thai Dried Chilli Dipping Sauce) and don’t miss your chance to try Food Stop’s chunky chips using the imported potatoes from USA.    


Kenji’s Lab

The owner, Chef Kenji’s experiments with dishes in his restaurant. Parsley is cooperated with sanma to create the perfect harmony with either grilled simply or turn them into a pasta dish. He also likes to compliment his dishes with drinks to help enhance the flavour. Therefore, it is highly recommended to let him choose the drink for you!