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Sci-fi movie: The Terminator

The 100 best sci-fi movies: how many have you seen?

Are you a science fiction fanatic? Find out using our sci-fi totaliser...


Think you’re a hardcore science fiction geek? Or are you just beginning to explore the galaxy of wonders that is sci-fi cinema? We reckon the average punter has seen about 28 of the films on our 100 best sci-fi movies list. Can you do better? Take the test below!

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The best sci-fi movies, 1-10, 2001 A Space Odyssey
The best sci-fi films, 11-20, ET the Extra-Terrestrial
The best sci-fi movies, 21-30, Back to the Future
The best sci-fi movies, 31-40, Jurassic Park
The best sci-fi movies, 41-50, They Live
The best science fiction movies, 51-60, Fantastic Planet
The best science fiction films, 61-70, Dark Star
The best sci fi movies, 71-80, Iron Man
The best sci fi films, 81-90, Pacific Rim
The best science fiction alien films, 91-100, Attack the Block
You’ve seen 0 of the 100 best horror films!

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