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Can We Squeeze Light from Light, like Juice from a Lemon?

  • Art, Installation
  • Juen Juen Gung, San Po Kong
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    Photograph: Juen Juen Gung / Jessie Yip
  2. Juen Juen Gung
    Photograph: Catharina Cheung
  3. Chamber of Rainbows Juen Juen Gung
    Photograph: Courtesy Juen Juen Gung

Time Out says

Hong Kong creative Vaevae Chan and New York-based artist Jordan Kasey have collaborated to present a joint project that reflects the parallels between their lives, even though they live halfway across the world from each other. Hidden behind four identical doors in a nondescript industrial building – some of which simply open to artsy dead ends – Chan has created a subterranean world which follows on from her cave installation She Told Me to Head to The Sea from a couple of years ago, only this time the pitch-black darkness has been lifted by crystals and their refracted rainbows.

Make your way through the exhibition space to find a series of charcoal drawings and murals by Kasey which play on light, darkness, and the ensuing shadows. This is truly a multisensory journey that deserves to be experienced. See if Chan happens to be in her art space when you visit, and have a chat to understand the deeply personal story of loss, collective trauma, and multi-dimensional parallel universes that drove this series of work.

Check out a sneak peek of this special cave:

Catharina Cheung
Written by
Catharina Cheung


Juen Juen Gung
1703, 17/F Max Trade Centre, 23 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Dates and times

12:00Can We Squeeze Light from Light, like Juice from a Lemon?Juen Juen Gung
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