Cheng Ting Ting: Enfante

Art, Painting

Time Out says

Local artist Cheng Ting Ting presents colourful child-like paintings depicting everyday life and exploring personal memory.

Continuing her exploration of everyday life in Hong Kong, local artist Cheng Ting Ting’s latest exhibition presented by K11 Art Foundation draws inspiration from her experiences as an art instructor for children as she examines the ideology and expectations many parents have on their children. Known as one of the few female artists that still uses paint as her medium, she is bringing something new to the table: projections, intaglio prints, oil on canvas works, as well as an artbook. Boasting a colourful array of artwork, Cheng makes use of pastel colours to exhibit children’s day-to-day life patterns. Reminiscent of colourful child-like drawings, her collection echoes innocence merged with creative flares.


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