Duddell’s x Biennale of Sydney: Abstraction of the World

Art, Abstract
Abstraction of the World

Central's hottest art hub is collaborating with the Biennale of Sydney for a specially curated exhibition and a preview of the 2018 Biennale.

In a specially curated exhibition, Duddell's is collaborating with the 21st Biennale of Sydney, which will be held in 2018, presenting abstract works by three prominent artists from the Asia Pacific region: Mit Jai Inn, George Tjungurrayi and Haegue Yang. Curated by Mami Kataoka, the Artistic Director of the upcoming biennale, the works on display explore concepts surrounding cosmic space and nautural phenomenas of the world such as light and darkness, water and fire, as well as folklores. 


Event phone: 2525 9191
Event website: http://duddells.co
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