Luke Jerram: Gaia

Art, Public art
Luke Jerram: Gaia
Jim Huntsman

Time Out says

A giant self-rotating installation of the Earth lights up Lee Tung Avenue and Citywalk

Luke Jerram's giant moon installation that hung up in Lee Tung Avenue back in 2007 captivated Hongkongers and had us howling for more. Upping the game this Arts Month, Jerram brings with him his latest touring artwork, Gaia, a breathtaking seven-meter wide installation of the Earth which features 120dpi detailed Nasa imagery of our planet. That’s not all, the Earth will be self-rotating as well (about 360 times faster than the real thing). Much like the astronaut looking down from space, you'll feel how small you are yet hopefully walk away with a renewed sense of responsibility for taking care of the planet. 


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