Lv Shun: The Misty World

Lv Shun

Time Out says

Chinese contemporary artist Lv Shun paints misty landscapes as a social commentary on society.

Acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist Lv Shun debuts in Hong Kong with a solo exhibition featuring a series of works based around mist and landscape. Carrying a message on how people are losing themselves in the pursuit of money and a home, Shun's paintings and his unique visual language acts as a social commentary on society, and engage viewers in a philosophical contemplation.

Poignant, soft and introspective, Shun's work are a means of appraising reality. Well known for his social and politically-infused artworks, these atmospheric and almost mysterious works also provides an insight into Shun's personal reflections and concerns for community and civilization.  

Art Futures Group is also hosting a Chinese contemporary art exhibition at Elements mall water zone between Mar21-Apr9, showcasing the works of Ann Niu and Qiu Sheng Xian. 




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