Mr Doodle Invades Sotheby’s

Art, Drawing and illustration
Mr Doodle sothebys
Mr Doodle in front of his works © 2019 Mr Doodle All rights reserved
Mr Doodle sothebys
Mr Doodle, Mr Doodle Screaming, 2019
Mr Doodle sothebys
Mr Doodle, The Doodle Wave, 2019

Time Out says

You know him, you love him – it’s Mr Doodle!

Coming at you this December with his solo exhibition, 25-year-old British artist Sam Cox, more commonly known as Mr Doodle, will be invading Sotheby's gallery with an impressive collection of his best work yet. 

In response to art critics who would describe the artist’s work as ‘not art’, Mr Doodle couldn’t think of a better way to prove them wrong than by invading Sotheby's, one of the most prestigious fine art auction houses in the world, with his take on some of the most renowned artworks in history – doodle-style. Humorously reinterpreting some of the most famous and iconic painting in history, each piece has been morphed and recreated in Mr Doodles' own fun, unique and abstract ways. To make it even more exciting, Mr Doodle will be transforming the gallery space into his very own DoodleWorld with a live doodling session on December 7 (3-4pm). This is a rare chance to catch the artist in action so save the date!



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