Mr.: People Misunderstand Me and the Contents of My Paintings

15:53 While Listening to Tokyo Broadcast Station Radio, 2017
©2017 Mr./Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy Perrotin 15:53 While Listening to Tokyo Broadcast Station Radio, 2017

Time Out says

Takashi Murakami’s protege and leading Japanese artist Mr. showcases anime-inspired work with dark undertones

As the full title of the exhibtion suggest – People misunderstand me and the contents of my paintings. They just think they are nostalgic, cute, and look like Japanese anime. That may be true, but really, I paint daily in order to escape the devil that haunts my soul. The said devil also resides in my blood, and I cannot escape from it no matter how I wish. So I paint in resignation – many have misrepresented Mr.’s – who happens to a former protege of Takashi Murakami – work to be a reflection of his own fantasy in the realm of Japanese anime and otaku culture. But delve a little closer, his prepubescent character works are a form of escapism from the misery from society and the artist’s own dislocated family structure. This exhibition showcases a collection of Mr.’s works over the past six years as well as new creations that demonstrate his spectrum of style ranging from “kawaii” (cute) to “kowai” (scary). 


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