Ng Lung-wai: Contextual Pointillism


Time Out says

Local artist Ng Lung-wai puts a new spin to pointillism and uses symbolic items to create larger portraits of iconic figures in the new series

Many Hongkongers might’ve spotted a massive installation of Elvis Presley near Fortress Hill MTR. The man behind Elvis is local artist and architect Ng Lung-wai, who used more than 6,000 Marilyn Monroe images to create a larger portrait of another iconic Hollywood figure. 

Putting a new spin on the technique of Pointillism, Ng uses different symbolic collectible items or iconic paraphernalia to create a different larger picture as a way to explore the relationship between subjects and inviting viewers to dive into social meanings and stories behind the artworks. 

See the installation at Fortress Hill and the entire series at A2Z Gallery in Central.


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Event phone: 2395 5198
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