Notating Beauty That Moves – Music at an Exhibition


Time Out says

Sound-art exhibition that features more than 30 works of music-related artworks as well as live performances by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta

A unique sound-art exhibition in Hong Kong, Notating Beauty That Moves is organised by Hong Kong Sinfonietta and curated by two leading Hong Kong artists: award-winning sound artist Samson Young – who recently made a splash at the Venice Biennale – and Yang Yeung, Founding Member and Artistic Director of soundpocket. The exhibition features 36 works across a wide range of medium including musical scores, drawings, photography and moving images by the likes of acclaimed composers such as Cathy Berberian, John Cage, Mark Applebaum and Morgan O’Hara. Whats more, there are a series of live performances by Hong Kong Sinfonietta and renowned Australian group Ensemble Offspring taking place throughout the exhibition run. 


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