Susanne Winterling: Gravitational Currents and The Life Magic

Algar Cinema + 3D-Printed Sea Turtles

Time Out says

German artist Susanne Winterling blends cinema and climate change to arouse public awareness to protect the ocean

German artist Susanne Winterling takes over the black-cube Empty Gallery to present her artworks that feature the marine victims of climate change – dinoflagellates, the micro single-cell algae and plankton that support the basis of the food chain in the deep sea. The centrepiece of the exhibition is an immersive video projected against an enormous curved screen. Accompanying the film are sculptural 3D-printed dinoflagellates and turtle that have been cast out of Hong Kong beach sand to warn the public that our precious marine life is at risk. With a sense of aesthetic wonder, the exhibition interprets cyberpunk magic realism with the wonder of projections.


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Event phone: 2563 3396
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