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8 awesome photo editing apps to up your Instagram game
Written by
Kaila Imada

Discover your inner photo-geek and download these photo apps to perfect your Instagram skills. It’s the easiest way to more likes and a bit more Instagram fame – and don't pretend like you don't want a slice of that pie.

Vsco Cam: For the photo editing minimalist
Vsco Cam is an all-in-one photo editing app that even has its own social network for photo enthusiasts. The app filters give off a minimalist vibe where you can individually adjust for brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, highlights and even skin tone. Vsco Cam automatically comes with free filters but you can also purchase more through their in-app shop.

Snapseed: For the photo editing perfectionist
Google’s Snapseed is the perfect tool that gives you control over almost every attribute of your photo. From selective adjustment to specific areas of a photo to a brush that lets you remove blemishes or unwanted items, it’s pretty much the closest thing you'll find to Photoshop. Many famous Instagrammers also tend to use Snapseed in conjunction with another apps to max their photo editing skills.

Lens Distortion: For a bit of sparkle
Wish you could add in a bit of smoke or soft lighting to your photo? Lens Distortion is your answer, where you can strategically place overlay effects such as sunlight-in-camera or fog to take your photo to another dimension. The best part? All overlays looks super natural and not fake – so let your photos shine.

Black: For a little bit of noir
If you’re into all black-and-white photos there’s no better app to play around with than the aptly named Black. This particular app lets you create the perfect noir-style pictures with varying effects of contrast, fade, shadow and even vignettes. Who knew there could be so many different styles and options to black-and-white photos?

Boomerang: For those short, snappy moving images
If you aren’t familiar with Boomerang, well, you should be. This fun app lets you create a gif-like image which loops on repeat. Once you upload the Boomerang on Instagram you can use the in-built Instagram filters to change the colouring or effects before you post. Have fun with this one and let your imagination run wild!

Phhhoto: For the love of gifs
Similar to Boomerang, Phhhoto lets you create gifs or short, repetitive videos which you can add to your Instagram collection. Get snappy with these instant moving pictures as the app also offers over 100 effects for you to customise your image before publishing live.

Pixlr: For those with a little bit of imagination
Forget built-in photo filters – this unique app lets you create your very own with effects such as overlays and textures. Play around and create your own filters that best suit your style of editing and save them so you can go back and use them for multiple photos.

Meitu: For perfect selfies
Selfie game strong with this fun app – use Meitu to slim your face, adjust your body line or even lengthen your legs (if you wish to grow a few inches on screen). It also offers beautifying tools so you can smooth your skin and get rid of any blemishes for a porcelain-white look. Note: you might not want to change too many of your features or your friends won’t be able to recognise you.

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