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After 22 years Tai Mo Shan Kiosk finally gets a food license

Written by
Douglas Parkes

After operating for more than two decades without a license from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) a small kiosk on Tai Mo Shan is finally official.

Located at the intersection of Route Twisk and Tai Mo Shan Road, Tai Mo Shan Kiosk’s owner, Lin, was prompted to go legal after a complaint was made to the FEHD in May regarding the stall’s lack of documentation. Lin told Apple Daily that she had never bothered applying for a license in the past because extra drainage and a water meter were requirements.

With no running water – Lin cooks everything with bottled distilled water – getting a full license was a problem. Even now Lin remains on a limited license. No longer able to sell her ‘famous’ tea eggs because of that restriction, the only hot food Lin can sell is siu mai and fish balls. Undeterred, however, Lin told the media, “Mountain climbers can’t eat much during the journey but hot food like siu mai and fishballs keep them warm, especially in cold weather.”

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