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Artist showcase: Teenage Girls

Written by
Graham Turner

This Hong Kong-based three-piece have been making waves with their pleasing brand of lo-fi, melodic indie. We decided it's time to get to know them better - and so should you, they're awesome.

Hi, guys! So, how did Teenage Girls come to be?
Like most life forms, our origins are complex and fuzzy, but here are some facts. Elaine from Canada (guitar/vocals) and Bren from Australia (drums, previously of Bank Job and Thinking Out Loud), met at a Hong Kong band showcase some ten years ago and bonded over shared musical loves. After years of late-night, beer-fuelled, neighbour-unfriendly jam sessions, it was agreed that the hypothetical future band would be called Teenage Girls, the sly and diffident Elaine revealed her catalogue of original songs and theory became reality. The band then recruited Marie from France (bass, formerly of Who Shot Holga and Current Operator) who married Bren to cement the alliance. The band has played extensively around Hong Kong and Tokyo and once in Mauritius, because why not?

How would you describe your sound?
Guitar-based, lo-fi dim-sum indie pop-rock. We're often compared to girl-fronted bands of the 90s who knew how to write a hook and a catchy chorus, the sort that had a surface sweetness over a substantial rock sound - like a supercharged Letters to Cleo. We're also influenced by groups including the Pillows, Tegan and Sara, Weezer and Noodles.
What song should people listen to first as a good introduction to the band?
For Hongkongers, Johnston. Elaine was inspired by memories of her grandmother's place in Wan Chai and this track has been described as a love song to Hong Kong. For lovers of rock, Red Rover. It has all the energy of the playground game it takes as its metaphor. For emo-lovers, Cancer. Enough said, I'm tearing up here.
When can we go see you live?
We'll be launching our ten-track album, Good Day, Good Night at The Wanch on Saturday 30 September, 9pm start, with the help of great local bands Turing Apples and Cry! Romeo.
How can people buy your music?
You can listen at and buy it there if you like it. It's also on iTunes, Amazon and all the streaming services you know and love.

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