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Five places to go “nude” in Hong Kong

Written by
Olivia Lai

Photos hit the ’net last night of a naked man riding round on the MTR and they’ve been quite the water cooler conversation. We don’t intend to poke fun at the individual in question – we sincerely hope he’s ok and receiving help if he needs it – but the incident did make us ponder other potential places to go “nude” in Hong Kong...

1) Power Station Beach on Lamma Island
There have been many reports of people taking a night time skinny-dip at Power Station Beach on Lamma. With the cover of darkness and the location being somewhat remote, you can get closer to nature without the prying eyes of voyeurs. 

2) Nood Food
Nood Food is best known for its use of raw and unprocessed ingredients, so why not strip off to really appreciate their healthy juices and salads? The juice bars are usually part of a Pure gym, so a bit of nudity in the vicinity might be acceptable? In the shower area at least?

3) Jamie’s Italian
There’s no more appropriate place to don a birthday suit than a restaurant by the Naked Chef himself, Jamie Oliver. Okay, so the nickname refers to Jamie’s stripped back approach to cooking and use of uncomplicated recipes, not cooking in apron and zero else. Still, we feel the Brit wouldn’t mind seeing a little flesh. The restaurant staff on the other hand...

4) Naked Gurume Gyarari
Like the last two mentions, the naked in the title refers to the establishment’s dedication and diligence regarding each ingredient served at this Tsim Sha Tsui Japanese restaurant. But be our guest and try and take your clothes off there. Let us know what happens and send pictures. Just don’t blame us if you get cuffed. 

5) Hung Hom or Hang Hau MTR stations
Too close to the bone? But with names like Hung Hom and Hang Hau, you can’t fault us for thinking these stations might be apt for letting yourself go and hanging loose.

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