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Gig of the week: Angelcorpse

Written by
Graham Turner

Currently doing the rounds in Asia on their Extermination tour, American war metal trio Angelcorpse lands in Hong Kong this Thursday (August 4) at Big Wave Music in Kwun Tong. With songs such as Sodomy Curse, Antichrist Vanguard and Phallelujah (that’s my favourite, what a name), I think you know what to expect. But, don't judge a book by its heavy-handed cover, any self-respecting metal fan shouldn’t miss out on this gig. Angelcorpse’s huge, ferocious soundscapes paint a visceral picture of a barren, ravaged battlefield - a world in which only fire, steel and ash exist. Pretty cool eh? Check ’em out below.

Keen? Grab your tickets here.

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