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Grate Art: Raising awareness of Hong Kong's ocean debris problem

Written by
Olivia Lai

Hong Kong environmental preservation group Ocean Recovery Alliance is raising awareness of the importance of protecting the ocean through a series of public art installations titled Grate Art. As the puntastic title suggests, a series of beautifully painted ceramic art tiles can be found on pavements above numerous storm drains on the south of Hong Kong Island.

Why storm drains? According to Ocean Recovery Alliance, Hong Kong’s drainage system is one of the main sources for debris outflow into the ocean. This special awareness-through-art project has seven local and Chinese artists including Man Chi Loy, Douglas Young and Chen Hua Xian on board, creating detailed portraits and humorous cartoons featuring phrases like 'Don’t block me up', in the hope that next time a tosser decides to throw down rubbish down a drain, they’ll rethink the decision.

Next time you're down south, especially near Stanley Plaza, be sure to look out for these fun but important art installations that address the growing issue of Hong Kong ocean debris and keeping our environment clean.

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