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If Game of Thrones was set in Hong Kong...

Written by
Douglas Parkes

Game of Thrones season seven finally lands on screens today (well, last night if you’re counting the US) and team Time Out is desperately hoping to avoid all sorts of spoilers. To that end, we’ve been focused instead on imagining what locations in Hong Kong match those featured in A Song of Ice and Fire. Here’s what we came up with... (And for a hi-res version of our map, made by our wonderful house elves here, click here.)

The Wall – Lok Ma Chau
Let’s be honest, there’s a whole horde of “wildlings” up there in the north that many Hongkongers would rather keep out. If they’re ever to cross over, Lok Ma Chau is the main station they’re going to come through...

Winterfell – Sheung Shui
True, Sheung Shui might not be as grand as the seat of house Stark, but stranded up there in the New Territories, beyond Tai Po, beyond even Fanling, it’s one of the last bastions of Westeros Hong Kong.

The Eyrie – Tai Mo Shan
The Peak may grab the headlines but it’s Tai Mo Shan that’s our highest point. Thus, it’s only fitting the mountain (not The Mountain) gets to be home to The Eyrie. Now that CY has departed we’ll have to think of another individual to eject via the Moon Door.

Harrenhal – Ma Wan Fishing Village
A place of great expectations now left in near ruins, Ma Wan Fishing Village is eerily reminiscent of the great castle of Harrenhal. Abandoned and falling into disrepair, Ma Wan is in fact just one of Hong Kong’s many ghost towns.

The Twins – Tsing Yi 
No Red Weddings here, just many shipping containers. A less dramatic spot than the real Twins, then. Still, while there might not be much to visit on Tsing Yi, but as a bridge to Lantau and the airport, it’s an equally vital location.

Dorne – Discovery Bay
Dorne is a remote region of Westeros with a reputation for sexual licentiousness. Sounds exactly like Discovery Bay, then. Okay, all those rumours of orgies and swinging in DB have never been proven, but there’s no smoke without fire, right?

The Iron Islands – Tai O Fishing Village
A seafaring people, those of the Iron Islands never like to stray far from the sea. And that’s pretty much what goes on over in Tai O, where the houses still sit on stilts above the water and the sea provides a livelihood.

Casterly Rock – Central
Sitting atop gold mines, Casterly Rock is the richest part of the Seven Kingdoms. Naturally, Central and its concentration of banks is the perfect parallel. No, this isn’t implying bankers are like the Lannisters and villains of the whole tale. I mean, they pay their debts, right?

King’s Landing – Admiralty
And in any case, while the wealth may lie in Central it’s Admiralty where political power resides in Hong Kong. Our city’s King’s Landing, Admiralty is home to Legco and much of the government apparatus. The area is also home to the People’s Liberation Army barracks – perhaps then the Dreadfort is a more appropriate comparison?

Dothraki Sea – Happy Valley
Moving over to Essos now, what are the Dothraki known for? Horses and buff men, basically. And where do you find the two of those in Hong Kong? Happy Valley, where the Jockey Club is centred and where the rugby teams butt heads.

Meereen – Causeway Bay on a Sunday
Largest of the three Slaver Cities of Slaver’s Bay, we imagine Meereen must look an awful lot like Causeway Bay on a Sunday. After all, that’s the only time when the city’s indentured domestic helpers get time off and are made visible instead of silently toiling in the background.

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