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It's happened: Hong Kong's first rabbit café opens in Causeway Bay

Written by
Nik Addams

It's official: we've hit peak Hong Kong. In a move that really, we should have seen coming, Hong Kong's first rabbit café has just opened in Causeway Bay. The small upstairs space, not inappropriately named Rabbitland, is the brainchild of three young chaps – as we were told by co-owner Ricky, the idea came after one of the boys fell in love with the furry creatures following a visit to Okunoshima, Japan's famous 'rabbit island'.

It's a pretty simple concept – tables, chairs and, well, rabbits. When we visited, there were five in three separate pens that you could stroke (but not pick up), and three others in cages on the back wall. It's a pretty sanitary experience, too, with shoes left at the door and hand sanitising a must before stepping into the bunny den. Our trip to Rabbitland also coincided with our discovery of Boomerang (better late than never, right?), so please indulge our overzealousness with the camera by way of the following adorable grabs:

While some guys were busy eating, others seemed to be in deep thought:

Some were feeling the heat:

While others just couldn't get enough hay:

And this guy was just all about the good vibes:

Rabbitland is located on 3/F, 530 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay. 5281 0280;

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