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Live in Wan Chai's famous Blue House

Written by
Olivia Lai

A massive revamping and revitalisation project is about to take place in Wan Chai's Blue House Cluster by local NGO St. James’ Settlement, and apartments in the nearly century-old building will soon hit the rental market – with some conditions.

The revitalisation project is underway at the three historic buildings often referred to as the Blue House Cluster: the Blue House, a Grade 1 historic building on Stone Nullah Lane; the Yellow House, a Grade 3 heritage building on Hing Wan Street and King Sing Street Orange House, which was built in 1958. The revamp hopes to establish the Blue House Cluster into a multi-functional services complex including a House of Stories – a space dedicated to record and exhibition of creative endeavours in Hong Kong – a dessert and vegetarian restaurant, as well as a community service centre.

What’s getting us really excited though is the potential opportunity to live inside the Blue House. But, Hong Kong being Hong Kong, apparently not everyone will qualify. According to the Conserve and Revitalise Hong Kong Heritage, the Blue House Cluster is going to launch a 'good neighbour' scheme looking for new tenants “who will enrich the human capital of the Blue House Cluster”. A bit vague, yes, but essentially they’re looking for tenants who are willing to contribute their creative talents and skills, and help regularly promote the various community projects at Blue House. Applicants should also have a history of active community service. If you think you fit the bill, try your chances and apply at

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