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Mac ’n’ cheese (and bacon) mornings are here

Written by
Douglas Parkes

It’s Monday and it’s raining. Again. Thanks Hong Kong. But hey, at least the saintly Ronald McDonald is thinking of us. For the man from McDonaldland and his global conglomerate has just released the answer to our breakfast prayers: a macaroni, cheese and bacon toastie. We can’t tell whether McD’s has thrown the macaroni in there as reference to Hong Kong’s existing cha chaan teng breakfast traditions or some talented young executive simply thought that mac ’n’ cheese with bacon in a toastie was a sure fire hit, but it’s a combination that had us racing to the McCafe this morning.

Sure, it’s a carb overload — pasta and cheese not enough? just add bread — but with the combined battering of incessant rain outdoors and arctic AC indoors, we’ll take whatever warming nourishment we can get. Available at all good McCafe's throughout the city. (Theres also a new mushroom and corn toastie but we’ll leave that one for Grimace and the Fry Kids.)

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